Dev Update #23: General News, Sprite Preview, CG Preview~

Happy Sunday! Been a suuuper long week but thank heck for the weekend!

I hope y'all have been able to play the new demo! We really appreciate all of the comments and critiques we've gotten, so thank you for taking the time if you have written a comment--good or bad!

If I haven't answered to your comments, please just know that I have read them all and, if you commented on a bug, we are working on fixing the problems and should have an updated version soon. 

Haven't had much time to think of good responses to y'alls comments (heck school and exams) so yeah, just know that I have read them, have thought about them, and appreciate your responses!

1) Sprite Preview

Been a minute since I had the time to make a sprite! Someone special this week though! Decided to work on the Director/Chief aka Director Shunsuke aka Minami's Papi! Minami's Dad route when? Just kidding, he's still married to Minami's mom.

Also, if you couldn't have guessed, Minami's hair is pretty easy to dye, so wonder what his natural color is!

Not sure if I'll have the time next update for another sprite preview, but I'll see what I can do! Got quite a few more side characters/minors to do, so we'll see what I feel like doing.

2) CG Teaser

As always, the full CG will be available to our Patrons! This week is an Aiden x Rei teaser, pretty naughty if I do say so myself~ The sketch is available in our discord if you're 18 years or older~ But! Full version available at the end of the month for the $18 and $25 tiers along with the writings, this month featuring Jun x Rei.


3) Questions

1-What was your favorite part of the demo, if any?

2-What was your least favorite part of the demo, if any?

3-What do you think we could improve?

4-Is there something you think could be explained to help you understand a scene or character better?


Thanks again for reading and I hope you liked the update! As always, if you have any questions, please send an email to


Feel free to join our discord! You can chat with me and the other devs, as well as a bunch of other weirdos~ Previews are also posted earlier on our discord!



Remember, we have a Patreon! Any money will go towards furthering the game--meaning paying for CGs, BGs, and VAs!


Get 1st Degree: Murder-Mystery BL/Yaoi VN [UPDATED DEMO]

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