Dev Update #35: News, Patreon Update, Expression Previews

It's that time again! Sunday, yay! (Sucks that Monday follows though) This will be a pretty straight forward update, but I hope y'all enjoy nonetheless!

1) News

Alright so after two exams last week, I wasn't able to get as much done as I wanted to. So, no itch page made, but it'll be up by next update. However, I've got some good news and some bad news. Good news is that the scripts are done! Bad news is that I've gotta edit them and make any extra expressions and whatnot that I hadn't already made. I'll be trying to get it all done in around 2 weeks, but as a result, I'm going to be pushing back the deadline a little bit to give our coder adequate time to code and edit anything that needs to be fixed. This is why I dislike deadlines because, ugh, school gets in my way. I'd be spending all my time finishing this stuff up if I could, but it's impossible. But! It will be out in November. If I can edit everything by my fall break, we should be able to push out the demo 1 to 2 weeks into it. We're in the home stretch, but no rushing! Like I keep saying now, it's important to my and my team's mental health to take our time to make the product great! The next update will be during my fall break, so I'll be able to let you guys know how our progress is looking!

Also, we are still selling the Rei daki! A few more orders need to be placed before we'll send in another order to the manufacturer so get them while you can!


2) Patreon Update

I tried to go through the tiers to give you guys a little bit more than the old ones. It will be more focused on WIPs and Patreon only sketches. We'll also be doing a 'character of the month'. This means that the sketches will be focused around that character. This month is Aiden! The CG WIP/Sprite WIP may or may not correspond, it really just depends on what's being worked on for the month! We're also keeping it as a pay per post patreon, meaning we only make one post per month at the end of the month so if we miss one, you won't be charged. I might still make a few changes in the future if I think anything else needs to be added or switched around, etc. Anyway, these are the new tiers!

$1 - 1 WIP from the month (CG or otherwise, maybe even a character sketch)

$3 - 1 CG WIP per month, 1 Sprite WIP per month, or, a character sketch

$5 - All from previous tiers, and Patreon only 1D character sketch from Jake (CG artist)

$8 - All from previous tiers, and Patreon only 1D character sketch from Paradise (me), 1-2 background previews, or, additional character sketches

$15 - All from previous tiers, NSFW 1D character sketch (from me), Content swap with The Divine Speaker

$20 - All from previous tiers, Raw script preview (a few hundred words or potentially a full scene)

$25 - All from previous tiers, Extended raw scene preview, Flat colored CG preview, 1 Moan file from a character's VA/extra take

$45 - All from previous tiers, +Your choice of 1D character/outfit/context for a flat colored sketch from me (to be given the following month and has to be within reason. for example: can't do Rei in a furry suit getting done in by your OC, but can do Rei with cat ears in a maid outfit) LIMIT OF 2 PATRONS

If you're interested in any of these tiers, please head on over to our Patreon! Anything we get from the Patreon goes right back into the game and helps to make sure we can pay for all the work that's being put into this game. I'm always open to suggestions as well, so please let me know if y'all have any ideas for things I should change, add, take away, etc! 

3) Expression Previews

Update is kind of late today since I just got through making a ton of expressions. Had like almost 20 to do so I knocked them out today. Will have to do quite a few more for the other routes as well so definitely look forward to seeing some more next update! For now though, enjoy these cuties!


4) Question

1) How're you doing?


As always, if you have any questions, please send an email to


Feel free to join our discord! You can chat with me and the other devs, as well as a bunch of other weirdos~



We also now have a website! It's just barely in the works and still pretty bareboned, but it's another place where updates will be posted.



Our Patreon is updated, make sure you become a Patron if you're interested in exclusive rewards~!

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