Dev Update #39: News, What's happening next, CG Teaser

Hey guys! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and had a nice break! So sorry for how long it's been between updates, finals kicked my butt but I surprisingly did better than I thought. I also had some friends over so I wasn't really available to post anything. I'm also recovering from food poisoning so I'll probably have to keep this pretty short. I intended for a CG process update but I'll save that for when I have more energy.

Anyone going back to school this Monday? I am. qq Wish me luck and good luck to all of you if you are too!

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1) News/Update

The side game is almost finished! There are just a few more things to be coded before I test it myself, then any major errors will be fixed before we release it to our patrons for beta testing! This should all hopefully happen this month! I am planning for a late February release of the side game. (We'll probably wait until the whole Valentine's rush passes.) Again, as you all know, things may happen and these plans may change. I will hopefully know by the next update and I will just have to keep bugging my coder until then!

2) What's Next

We are finally getting back into the main game. Since my new co-writer came on board, they now have to read everything that was already written and will need to adjust accordingly. This will take some time, but we are not that far off from being finished with the full script. It is very long, which is why the process is taking forever to finish! (Next game will definitely have to be a biiiiit shorter since I'm still in school.) We do still have a lot of CGs and BGs to finish, and I don't want to rush my team, but hopefully we can still finish this year. If not, hopefully early next year. This is quite a hefty game, so I hope you all understand why it is taking a long while to finish since most of us either have a full time job or are in school. Plus, getting burnt out half way is never fun, so I'm glad I was able to take a break by making the side game, and thank you guys for understanding.

If you'd like to support us during the rest of the process, the best thing to do is to support us on Patreon! I am a little wary of donations, so I'd rather you get some benefit for helping us out with the rewards we offer there. These rewards are sketches from myself and the CG artist as well as script previews and even moan files~

Since I don't think much else will be changing, I am thinking about trying to get the rewards out from the Kickstarter this summer (I know I'm so bad with keeping up with things). I will make an update in the future to let you guys know which month I plan on doing so, so you can send me an email if your address or email changed. Again, more news on this in the future and I really do apologize for how long it's taking me! A lot of this is a one man process; I do pretty much all of the business oriented/front-of-house side myself and it's kind of hard to keep up with on top of being a full time student. I really do thank you all for your patience and I promise I will be more prompt next time! 

3) CG Teaser

I know this is what you all have been waiting for! After all, a lot of us suck at reading and just enjoy a good picture book sometimes. So, enjoy this little teaser! I hope you guys are excited for this scene! The game actually has quite a few steamy CGs that you better be prepared for~

4) Questions

1) Do you have any questions for me? Any suggestions?

2) How were your holidays?

3) Ready for the next semester? How were your finals?

4) If you are not a Patron, is there a reason why? Is there anything we could improve to make it more worth it for you to become a Patron?


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Feel free to join our discord! You can chat with me and the other devs, as well as a bunch of other weirdos~



We also now have a website! It's just barely in the works and still pretty bareboned, but it's another place where updates will be posted.



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