Dev Update #36: News, Expression Previews

Update day, yay~ Hope y'all had a swell week! This update will be pretty small, but I hope you guys enjoy it anyway. It's just to let y'all know about the current situation and give you some cuties to look at.

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1) News

Alright y'all, Ima be honest, I had a freaking terrible week. Had an exam moved up by three weeks so I had two exams again and had a bout of depression along with them so it wasn't a good time. So, I didn't get to finish editing all of the routes. 3 are finished, I just have one more to do and the sex scenes which I should be able to finish this week. For the most part, everything is pretty much finished aside from that and expressions take me just a couple of hours to finish so that won't be too bad. And SFX need to be cut. The longest part is just going through every page of script and writing coding directions, catching typos etc. (BTW, if you end up seeing one, please send me an email to fix it! I tried to catch most of them but there may still be some that slipped through.) 

Other than that though, I'm still waiting to hear from my coder, so I'm still not 100% set on a release date yet. I'm still hoping for some time in November, but we'll have to see. On the bright side! I've put together the itch page for the side game! It will first be available on itch and then on steam a few weeks later (it has a bit of a longer process than putting something on itch). The side game will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Unfortunately, it will only be available in English (god I wish I was bilingual).

Please make sure you check out the new side game itch page!

2) Expressions

Got some pretty cute expressions for y'all today! Please enjoy the Twins and Minami~ Y'all are in for some drama with these bois.

3) Questions

1) How do y'all prefer to have your sex scenes? Do you like headshots with expressions during the CGs, or  would you just rather the CG without the distraction?

2) Do you have any questions for me?


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