Dev Update #38: Big/Important News, CG Teaser

Aaaand we're back! I know it's been a couple of weeks, my apologies for that! Thanksgiving hit at a bad time and I had a lot of exams (not to mention I got sick qq). I also have another exam tomorrow so I'll make this pretty brief. Hopefully after my finals, I can make a longer update.

Anyway, hopefully this update will give you a pretty good idea about the current timeline! 

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1) News/Timeline

Alrighty, long overdue, but the side game is almost fully coded. My coder was pretty sick as well, seems everyone is getting sick over the holidays. I'm still hoping to get the game out this year, but what I'm planning right now is to have a beta testing version available to our Patrons in the $8 tier or higher this month only and only for about a week. Since we make one charged post per month, the charged post will contain the beta files. Just so too much isn't spoiled though, the good ends will be removed. And just a reminder, the game will be available for $10 on itch/steam when released.

If all goes to plan, hopefully the side game will be released before Christmas. If not, then I might wait until January to release it. In the next update, I'm hoping to at least have a gif/video or something to get you guys excited!

Just to reiterate from the last update: since this game is partially voice acted, there will be a few sounds here and there throughout the route and moans for the sex scenes as well! All of which have been cut and edited. For those of you who might think about playing this game on stream, we have already included the censoring of these moans and sex SFX when you have enabled the CG censor.

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to let me know!

In other news, we are almost at 1000 followers on twitter, and I'd like to do a giveaway when that happens! Please feel free to let me know what you might be interested in! I was thinking the character desktop wallpapers as well as a copy of the side game when it is released.

2) CG Teaser

Alrighty, been a while since you've gotten a peak at one of these bad boys! Hope you like this little teaser, and remember, all WIPs of the CGs are available on our Patreon as well as flats. 

Oh and just an extra special thing after such a long gap period. Have another teaser!

Are you guys at all interested in the process that goes into making these? I was thinking about having a little section next update that kind of describes the process the CG artist and I have. Let me know! Or if you want any other information about the development process, I'd be down to write about it.

3) Questions

1) Do you have any questions for me? Any suggestions?

2) If you celebrate it, how was your Thanksgiving?

3) Any plans for the holidays? What do you celebrate? Hanukkah? Christmas? Etc.

4) If you're taking them, how do you feel about your school finals?


As always, if you have any private questions, please send an email to


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We also now have a website! It's just barely in the works and still pretty bareboned, but it's another place where updates will be posted.



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Wooooo! Looking forward to this! ;D