Dev Update #41: General News, CG Teaser

Hey all! Been a while. I've honestly just been really busy with school, it's been kind of tough to dedicate time to the game so it's a little on the back-burner at the moment until things settle down. Like I said last time, I'll make an update every 2-4 weeks (sometimes a bit longer) depending on my workload, but after May it should be back to every 2 weeks. 

First off, thank you all for your patience. To be honest, it's just a little difficult to manage my time when my workload is so high. My school has also moved to online classes and everything was just kind of rushed so everyone is in a panic and confused at the moment. I will try to keep you guys updated if it affects the game in any way though. 

Second, I hope you guys are all staying informed with the current situation with the corona virus. However, please make sure you are looking at accredited sources, such as the world health organization, rather than the media. I'm sure a lot of you are concerned about getting the virus, but the majority of the deaths are those who are elderly or people with lung conditions/weakened immune systems. Just take the precautions you think are necessary for your health. Also, don't fucking buy 18 packs of toilet paper. 

Alrighty, onto the update. Please make sure to add the side game to your collection on itch if you will not be waiting for the steam release!

1st Degree: What a Lovely Summer:

1) General News

Since the last time I posted an update, the side game has finished the first round of testing and has been recoded for the necessary parts. I just have to go through and retest it to make sure the parts that needed fixing were indeed fixed to make the game more enjoyable. I am hoping to do this during the weekend. Though my classes were moved to online, I still have exams, projects, lab reports, etc. to do, so my workload hasn't really decreased--my time management has just been awful lately for some reason. 

Regarding the timeline, if nothing else needs to be fixed in the second round of testing, or if the issues are really small, then it will go into beta testing for our $8 and up patrons from January/February. I plan to give you guys about a week to play the beta. As I said in a previous update, this beta will not include the endings, those will only be available in the purchased game. Hoping I can get it to you all in early April.

As far as when it will be released on itch--I might wait until the majority of the corona crisis has passed. Not to try to freak people out or anything since a lot of people are already freaked out, but I don't want you guys to invest the money into the game only to realize you might need those $10 for emergency supplies or something of the sort. I know a lot of people are stocking up on things such as toilet paper and the like (don't do this)--so just know we will most likely wait until May for an official release of the side game. Though a country/world-wide quarantine is very unlikely, just be prepared in the event that you need to purchase emergency supplies. 

2) CG Teaser

Just a cute little scene here~ Context is during one of the dates in the main game! It's honestly one of my favorite dates because you really get to know a little bit more about Aiden and one of his hobbies.

That's all I've got for today y'all. Again, so sorry for the lack of updates lately. It's just a crazy time right now.

Make sure you stay safe and informed.

Just to let y'all know, I have family coming in a few days so there probably won't be another update until April. If you have any questions, you can send an email to Thank you guys for your patience.

Get 1st Degree: Murder-Mystery BL/Yaoi VN [UPDATED DEMO]

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