Dev Update 42: General News/Update

Just for context, I made a smaller update a few days ago on the KS page saying I'd be making a bigger text update today, so if you're confused, that's the background LOL.


As promised, here's a bit of a bigger update for y'all! It's basically just text, no preview this week, I'll go into some reasons why throughout this update. I'm hoping to use this update to kind of clear things up as well as go into what we're currently doing.

1) General News/Update

As stated in the small update, I will be posting the beta on our Patreon for the patrons who paid $8+ in either January or February. I'll be posting it after my exam, so sometime between Tuesday-Thursday. They will have until the week after my finals are over to let me know if there are any issues with the side game thus far (my finals are from May 4th-May 6th and I'm sure some people also have finals, so good luck!). Afterwards, we will be trying to fix any errors (or most of them) and then we will release it on itch and then steam a few weeks later. We are currently working on fixing some of the sound effects and voice lines for the sex scenes, which is taking some time because I personally don't like when things sound out of place for those types of scenes, so I'm pretty particular about how I want everything to sound together. If everything works out with my coder's schedule, then it shouldn't take more than a week or two to get all of the issues fixed and have the sex scenes fully redone to fit my standards.

However, I will say that I've been planning on releasing the side game in May, but (personal info here so...) a lot has been going on with my mom's job because of COVID-19 and her hours have been cut pretty harshly, so it's going to be getting a bit difficult for us for the next few weeks. She might come to visit me after my finals while things are sorted out with her work, so that is the one thing that would delay releasing the side game. I'm not trying to use this as an excuse or anything, I'm just trying to let you guys know what's been going on. It's out of my control right now. If she isn't able to make it here, then I will still be able to release it at the end of May if no other issues with coding happen.

Other than the side game, the main reason that there is no preview this week is that we are getting back into the meat of the main script and trying to cut out some unnecessary parts. My co-writer was also dealing with some work related issues because of corona, so progress was delayed a little. I'm sure you all can understand as many of you have been dealing with the effects of this virus as well. We are getting back into the swing of things though and will be meeting throughout May to make a game plan to finally finish up the script. I'm trying to wait to give our CG artist any more to do just in case some scenes with a CG get cut out. We do have a lot of CGs finished, but are planning for quite a bit more, so there will be plenty of previews in the future when we finally get the script complete! Background wise, there are only a few left to do! 

Regarding KS rewards (IK it's been forever, I apologize, I'm doing my best qq), some companies have been shutting down mail services between countries, so I'm kind of concerned about shipping anything physical just in case something gets stuck in transit. I will be trying to get most digital rewards out this summer (aside from things like the art book and OST, basically stuff that requires the game to be released first), while any other physical rewards might be delayed until I know for sure the status of mail services in the destinations. 


Well, that's all I have for today. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I wish you all well during these times, it's been a lot more stressful than I ever thought it would be.

For those of who you were Patrons in Jan./Feb., please keep an eye out for the beta next week!

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Any updates for this or the side game? I've been following this for a while and it looks really interesting!


I'll be making an update again soon! I'd rather wait to be sure we're ready to release than to disappoint you guys again with an update about personal matters. The naughty scenes are currently being recoded and tested so it shouldn't be long now. Just waiting until my coder's schedule is cleared up from his other projects so he can finish! Thank you for your patience qq


Hey I hope you're doing well! just want to  cheer you on in developing! I've been waiting for a while, but I understand the amount of work  that goes into coding!  :3 cant wait for your next update


Do you mean next year? Because it's April now XD


I was totally gonna ask that, lol

I just want to know if is there any date for the release...


Oml I know! I've stopped waiting for this I think at this point it's never going to come out. This person is just going to make the school excuse for the next ten updates.

Hi, thanks for your comments and apologies for the late reply. I'd like to start by apologizing for the wait, we are doing the best that we can. Personal lives come first, and school is not an excuse, it is important to remember that this project was started as a hobby--not as a full time job. All of us on the team have gone through changes in our lives this past year-- whether it be regarding our living situation, employment, and even death of a loved one. I try not to involve those things in the updates because it is personal to the people in question, and I'm not at liberty to reveal that kind of information to strangers. It often seems like an 'excuse' to say that we are busy and struggling, but it is a fact--just sugarcoated to protect personal information. I appreciate everyone's patience so far, and it is totally fine if you are no longer going to wait for us to release the game. Thank you for waiting thus far though, and I wish you well. 

I could totally understand the wait if it was not for the current world situation, because school, college, work, any of them is totally working, so this gives everyone more time at home to keep the promise deadline, but is rare to see people like that, so... Right now is a excuse to postpone, and then when the world go back to normal, will be postponed again for the same excuse work, college, but now will be true. And people paid por a deadline.