Dev Update #22: DEMO NEWS, CG Teaser, BG Preview~

Happy Sunday y'all!! Let's hope it doesn't end too quickly cause Monday means more school (gross). Today I've got some news on the updated demo and a CG teaser/BG preview for you. No sprite preview this week (again) because my professors are actually the Devil. Hopefully next update I'll be able to have a side character done! 

1) Demo News

The updated demo's coding is pretty much complete! Everything is being bug tested and fixed but we should be set for a release on February 8th, maybe the 10th at the latest if we find any other bugs. I'll make a post on our TWITTER when we release and then on here after. I will probably also have a small update on the 10th just as a follow up to make sure y'all know the new demo is out. So, if nothing else happens between now and Friday, we should be good to go! I'll also update y'all if there are any more unexpected delays. Keep a look out for the 8th though! It will most likely be released a little later in the day after I get home from school, so be on the look out around 2-3pm PST on our

If you play the demo and find any bugs or typos, please feel free to let us know so we can get it fixed! I'd also like you all to go into the new demo with an open mind. Some of it is the same as the old, but most of the dialogue has changed to portray the characters as they are in the updated story. (There is also quite a bit of fanservice so make sure you enjoy that~)

2) BG Preview

This week's BG preview is a cafe setting at night~ Any idea who you'd take on a date? Better be careful though, some might like the display.


3) CG Teaser

Now our Patrons have already gotten to see this little gem, but please enjoy this teaser anyway!

This CG will be available in the full game as one of the naughty scenes between Jun x Rei~ And yes, I said ONE of them. Not to mention, pretty much every one of these scenes will have multiple variations! This one has around 5 on its own. 

Any thoughts on the scenario that led up to it?



Thanks again for reading and I hope you liked the update! As always, if you have any questions, please send an email to


Feel free to join our discord! You can chat with me and the other devs, as well as a bunch of other weirdos~ Previews are also posted earlier on our discord!



Remember, we have a Patreon! Any money will go towards furthering the game--meaning paying for CGs, BGs, and VAs!


Get 1st Degree: Murder-Mystery BL/Yaoi VN [UPDATED DEMO]

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