Dev Update #18: General Update, Something cute, Twins preview!

Hey there! Happy Sunday as always. Man this year is flying by, it's hard to believe it's already December! I hope y'all are ready for your upcoming finals if you have them! I know I'm not! 

We've got a pretty short and sweet update today (I know I always say that and then it turns into like 5 parts, but I promise this week is pretty short comparatively).

What's Happening:
1) General Update/Patreon Rewards
2) Something Cute
3) Twins

1) General Update

Two routes done! Both Jun and Aiden's routes have been completed (aside from a few scenes that need to be put in. We're currently editing the common route but Jun and Aiden's will be edited soon after! As such, we're now getting started on Minami's route in hopes that we can get it finished in about another month and a half. We hope you guys will enjoy all of the routes, but there's a special place in my heart for little memeu. I think his route will really surprise you~

Now about the updated demo, things are coming along pretty swell! We're still trying to get a few lines in but I really think our cast is wonderful and their voices definitely suit the characters in my opinion. Pretty much everything is completed otherwise and just needs to be coded! I'm hoping to set a release date for early January (probably the 11th), but we'll see how it goes and I'll let you guys know a final release date for it in an off-schedule update.

For Patreon, the December rewards will be as follows:

$1: Our Thanks.
$3: Victim CG
$8: Victim CG, Minami x Rei CG
$13: Victim CG, Minami x Rei CG, Twins x Rei CG
$18: Victim CG, Minami x Rei CG, Twins x Rei CG, Surprise Naughty Rei CG~, 500 word NSFW written scene
$25: Victim CG, Minami x Rei CG, Twins x Rei CG, Surprise Naughty Rei CG~, 500 word NSFW written scene, 2x 1000 word NSFW scene

For the writings, it'll be Holiday/Christmas dinner themed~ The $18/$25 tiers are currently voting for the pairings between Aiden x Rei, Minami x Rei, or Aiden x Jun. Right now, it looks like Aiden x Jun are taking the cake~ But! You never know what'll happen in the next few days.

 2) Cuuuute~

So this is something we'll be trying to get into the demo, but we're making just a small tutorial to kind of give y'all some insight about the phone and whatnot. It'll just be a few minutes long but hopefully it'll be an informative read! Anyway, there's a few characters you'll see in it to help you out~

Make sure you check out our chibi artist Toxicmilkk~

 3) Twins Preview

Man aside from expression previews, it feels like forever since I've had an update about the twins! So, that's what's going on today! You'll get to see these two lovelies on a date~ And yes, they just had to match--in more ways than one. Oh and yeah, it is straightened. 


4) Questions

1) Do you think you'll play the new demo when it's available?

2) What do you expect to be different or similar between the two?

3) What's your dream fall/winter date?


Thanks again for reading and I hope you liked the update! If you have the time, please feel free to respond to the questions section! As always, if you have any questions, please send an email to


Feel free to join our discord! You can chat with me and the other devs, as well as a bunch of other weirdos~ Previews are also posted earlier on our discord!


Remember, we have a Patreon now! Any money will go towards furthering the game--meaning paying for CGs, BGs, and VAs!

Get 1st Degree: Murder-Mystery BL/Yaoi VN [UPDATED DEMO]


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1) Yes. I was actually here to check when it would be released :p

2) Don't expect anything. Curious what will change beside the character sprites (and probably the voices if it's gonna have the new ones in). You said at one point that you were rewriting the story because it was hard to write as you started, but that the demo part won't change all that much so I really don't know.

I hope it'll surprise you~