Dev Update #14: Twins, General News, Casting Call, Patreon

Heeello guys~! It's that time again! Got a pretty informative update about the game for you today so I hope you enjoy the read. If not, well, thanks for reading anyway!

Also, I've got a bit more time this semester (since my adviser messed up my classes when I transferred--don't ask) so I may do some smaller weekly updates just with like a few expressions and whatnot to stay connected. We'll see if it works out though! 

What's Happening:
1) Game News
2) Casting Call
3) Patreon/Rewards
4) Twins EXPs
5) Questions

1) Game News

Since the last update, I've been doing a looooooooot of thinking about what to do with the voice acting. What I've pretty much decided on is that the full game will be partially voice acted with a focus on important scenes, dates and cute parts, that way those of you who generally skip over the parts in between won't have to sit through the voice lines. However, depending on how well the game does when it's released, we may update it with a fully voiced patch.

Another feature that won't be in the initially released game will be the animal ears and magical boys sprite/CG changes. Unfortunately, the cost is a little too high for the release of the game, so it will be something we patch in after. Like I've said before, CGs weren't in the budget, so all of these extra outfit changes are extra costs and will be coming from the profit of the game rather than spending excess funds that we don't have currently. Now if we can get enough from our patreon, it would definitely be easier to release those outfit changes with the full game, but as of right now, you can expect the additional outfits within a few months after the release.

Last but not least about game news, side stories! We will be working on the side stories after the game is finished. We may hold another Kickstarter specifically for those if we need the funds, the Kickstarter would also help to bring the magical boys and animals ears to those stories as well. We're planning 1 back story for each main character and 1 after-story date for each, so 8 overall. Plus 1 short side story per side character like Mido and Lucas. With a Kickstarter, we could up the amount of after-stories and dates for the main characters~ Obviously more info when the time comes.

Actually--now the last thing: Updated DEMO coming soon! Everything is in-progress and going smoothly! If everything goes as planned, it will be released mid-December or early-January! I'll be updating y'all with a demo release date soon~

2) Casting Call

CCC is going fantastically! We've hit over 100 auditions and are still going! The deadline for auditioning is November 2nd, so make sure you get your lines in if you're interested in trying out for a good boi (or girl cause there's 1 girl role).


3) Patreon/Rewards

Patreon is going great! With what we have now, it'll really help in paying for the CGs! We're aiming a little higher, so if you are able to and want to help us out, please do so! Anything helps and anything is appreciated!

Coming later this month: Cosplay wallpapers!

The October Rewards for Patreon are as follows:

$3 - Rei Cosplay Wallpaper
$8 - Rei and Aiden Cosplay Wallpapers
$13 - Rei, Aiden, and Minami Cosplay Wallpapers
$18 - Rei, Aiden, Minami, and Jun Cosplay Wallpapers + 500 word NSFW scene
$25 - Rei, Aiden, Minami, Jun, and Twins Cosplay Wallpapers + 500 word NSFW scene + 2x 1000 word NSFW scenes

The writing for October will be Jun x Rei! The $18 tier and the $25 tier will also be able to participate in polls for what pairing they'd like to read next~

You have up until the 29th of October to become a Patron for this month. A paid post will be made available on the 30th or 31st with the rewards. November rewards will be Demo CG previews!

For those of you who backed the KS for one or more cosplay wallpapers, it will take a bit of time to send them out, but they will be coming to you around the same time we release them on Patreon~


4) Twins Expression Preview~

Time for some twin action! As I stated in the previous update, the next few updates will focus on character expressions since these are important to finish for the demo. After the expressions are finished, I'll be returning to the regularly scheduled sprite previews. Oh, not to mention some CG teasers (become a patron to see the full previews)!

Anyway, enjoy the twins! These are just a few expressions that will be in the game.

5) Questions

1) Have you listened to any of the auditions? Any favorites so far?

2) Who would you like to see in a bonus NSFW written scene?

3) Expressions you'd like to see next?

4) Do you have any fan/crack theories about the plot of the game? 


Thanks again for reading and I hope you liked the update! If you have the time, please feel free to respond to the questions section! As always, if you have any questions, please send an email to


Feel free to join our discord! You can chat with me and the other devs, as well as a bunch of other weirdos~ Previews are also posted earlier on our discord!


Remember, we have a Patreon now! Any money will go towards furthering the game--meaning paying for CGs, BGs, and VAs!


Want to buy merch? Now you can! Here's an easy way to access our merchandise. Please visit red bubble and search for anything that interests you!

Get 1st Degree: Murder-Mystery BL/Yaoi VN [UPDATED DEMO]


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2) Aiden x Rei or Minami x Rei 

Cause I like them best. I think it's because Jun x Rei & twins x Rei are more erotic by definition, so naturally I'm more curious about the other two. That and I like improbable couples - age gap, Aiden is/was married, Aiden is Rei's boss, Rei is Minami's tutor. They also seem like they would be more romantic and less sex-driven? Or maybe that's just my impression and it'll turn out the opposite.

4) I have loads. The art is awesome, but what I'm looking forward the most is the story. It's got me so excited, you can't believe. Like is the Doctor one of them or not? If yes, I suspect every single one of the characters (minor ones included). On one hand I want to know, on the other I don't want spoilers! The wait is killing me enough as it is.