Dev Update #13: Aiden, Casting Call, Patreon

Hey guys! Hope you're having a great weekend! Thought I'd make an update before dying by midterms!

What's happening: 
1) Small Plot Update
2) Patreon
3) Casting Call
4) Aiden Preview
5) Questions

1) Plot Update

Just a small update for today! We've finished the demo script and are currently working on the other elements for it! The next update may be focused on expressions rather than another outfit preview. The demo has quite a few needed expressions so I'll be busy working on them! After expressions are finished, we'll return to the regularly scheduled full body previews~

What we're working on now is going back through the common route and editing out all the kinks and what not. After, we'll do the same with Jun's, then start writing Aiden's!

Regarding the demo, it may be a little jarring if you're expecting the same characters from the first demo. Personality wise, the characters are far more solidified and present in the updated script. We wanted to write them how they would appear later in the plot rather than just, for example, cute on the surface with nothing underneath. So, when the new demo is out later this year or early January, please go into it with an open mind!


2) Patreon

For those of you who didn't see our last update, our Patreon is now LIVE! We'll be posting CG previews on there and even have some bonus written scenes on there~ (Yes that means naughty ones.) Our first paid post will be at the end of October, meaning you can become a patron any time before to get the rewards. You will not be charged upon joining, only when we make a post for the tiers.

October Patreon Rewards:
$1 - Our thanks 
$3 - Rei Cosplay Wallpaper 
$8 - Rei and Aiden Cosplay Wallpapers 
$13 - Rei, Aiden, and Minami Cosplay Wallpapers 
$18 - Rei, Aiden, Minami, and Jun Cosplay Wallpapers + the 500 word scene 
$25 - Rei, Aiden, Minami, Jun, and Twins Cosplay Wallpapers + the 1000 word scenes

All of you backers will be getting your wallpapers at the end of the month as well~

Anything we get from the patreon will be going back into the game! The money will help with paying for the CGs and BGs - more money = more art!

Please feel free to check it out by clicking the image below!


3) Casting Call

We're starting a casting call! Unfortunately, the problem with delays is that not everyone will respond when progress is finally showing, so we are having to recast a few characters. If the previous voice actors are still interested though, they're welcome to audition again! 

We have 10 roles open: 9 males, 1 female

We're having to recast Aiden, Leo and Griffith, and Mido

We added: Lucas, Dave, Detective Hodgins, Director Shunsuke,  random males, and random females

The deadline is November 2nd! Audition if you'd like! The roles are paid~

Please click the link below if you're interested:


4) Aiden Preview~

Time for a little preview of our slightly neglected pup--Aiden! We've got a nice shirtless preview for you today. Oh and yes, this preview has some cute little ears and tail. I really couldn't help myself--Should I take his pants off next time??

oh boi oh boi


5) Questions

1) What kind of rewards would you pay for on Patreon?

2) How do you imagine the characters to sound? 

3) Will you mute the character's voice if you don't enjoy listening to the VA?

4) Will you take Aiden on a walk for me so I can laze on the couch? Just make sure he's back in the morning, I can't have him getting lost.


Thanks again for reading and I hope you liked the update! If you have the time, please feel free to respond to the questions section! As always, if you have any questions, please send an email to


Feel free to join our discord! You can chat with me and the other devs, as well as a bunch of other weirdos~ Previews are also posted earlier on our discord!

Remember, we have a Patreon now! Any money will go towards furthering the game--meaning paying for CGs, BGs, and VAs!

Want to buy merch? Now you can! Here's an easy way to access our merchandise. Please visit red bubble and search for anything that interests you!

Get 1st Degree: Murder-Mystery BL/Yaoi VN [UPDATED DEMO]


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Aiden <3 He's my favorite, but I'll still probably do Minami's route first and his the second.

Sad you have to recast him, I really liked his voice. I hope Minami's never changes.

I never mute the characters. Doesn't matter how poor it is, because I feel like I'm missing out if I mute it.

I'm sad too! But life comes first, he seems to be busy with business so I don't want to push it on him to continue. Rest assured though, Minami's VA is still happy to play Minami~ 

See, I'd mute if the voice actor doesn't fit the character very well, but I'd still feel bad doing it. We're giving the option to mute individual characters though since it'd be inconvenient if the player had to mute the entire cast just for one voice they didn't agree with.

Answer to question 3: Yes probably lol. Sorry but watching anime in japanese has turned me into a voice acting snob. I can't watch my fav old cartoons anymore cz the voice acting makes me cringe so bad sadly  ;-; (at least my disney movies are safe!!)

Understandable! I probably would too, but I always feel bad if that's the case! Some voices remind me of like old 4kids one piece dubbed.

Ikr dubbed anime is just as bad, and then they even turn Sanji's cig into a lollipop as censorshi  like O-O wtf.