Dev Update #12: Minami, Neato News

Happy Sunday! Paradise here with a more text filled than normal update but definitely worth the read! First, some updates from this point on may be delayed by a few days, but I'll still try to keep to the Sunday schedule. School is freaking hectic and heck it, takes too much time!! But yeah, delayed updates would just mean I'd have an exam or something to study for! Anyway, enjoy the update!

What's Happening:
1) Plot News
2) Important Update
3) Minami Outfit Preview
4) Questions


1) Plot News

More plot news! Jun's route is practically finished! The only thing left for his to write are the endings and the sex scenes (yes that's right, SCENES). I'll update his final word count when everything is written out, but right now it'll most likely be around 100k. All of the other routes should equate to about the same within a 10k-15k difference. And yes, that's ATOP the common route word count which is around 65k words! So the game is going to be like--fucking massive. 

However, don't worry! The final script will be completed in a couple of months and we should still be set to release in late summer of 2019, potentially even earlier if I can find a CG artist! (With school, it's almost impossible for me to do everything with the CGs, so we'll see how that goes. If I do have to do the CGs myself, the game may release a little later than we plan.) The game will still have 40-60 CGs and yes, we'll plan on CG previews. Unfortunately, the full CGs will most likely be available on patreon. Hiring a CG artist was not in the KS funds, so it is an excess cost that has to be accounted for. We'll plan on 4 CGs per month, including 1 NSFW CG. The cost on patreon will be between $3-$18 with 1-4 tiers. I really hate to do this but even if we get like $50 a month, that would help with costs. I wanted to keep the updates 100% free, but any additional income for the game will help with its progress. I'll make another update once CGs are in-progress when I do find an artist.


2) Important Update

So the majority of feedback of the demo has been positive, but there are always a few negative reviews and I've made it my business to address those issues. To some people, Rei's sarcasm is just that--sarcasm. However, some people take it as just anger or 'more effect than cause'. Yes, Rei can be brash, but I don't want him painted as just an angry young adult (because let's be honest, millennials already have a bad rap). Another comment has been about Minami's scene. Some felt like it drew out too long and some were just waiting for it to end. I really don't want people to feel like they need to skip through any scene. 

Another thing is, so many of the characters sprites have changed and I feel like the demo does not represent the game any longer. For example, there are the purple twins, Jun's updated sprite, Mido's sprite, etc. I don't feel like the demo shows the complete quality of the game at this point. 

What I'm changing:
1-How Rei interacts with some characters
2-Minami's scene
3-Sprites in the demo
4-CGs in the demo
5-Demo Script
6-Basically, the demo

Yes, that's right, the demo is getting an update! Not right away of course, but we will definitely be releasing a brand new 1st Degree demo by the end of the year! (I know I said there wouldn't be an updated demo but I literally decided on it like yesterday.)

Unfortunately, not everyone will be pleased, but that's a fact of life. Just know that not every voice will NOT be the same. We will be reopening a casting call in the future to fill in some voices (that includes a few female side characters~). We know it's not expected of voice actors to stick around a project for over a year of not working for them, so I will be in touch with the voice actors to get things rolling to see if any of them are still interested. Looking back, I definitely wish I was a bit more prepared, but hey, can't turn back now. Live and learn. I'll be more prepared for our next game, so I hope you'll be patient as we finish up 1st Degree!


3) Minami Outfit Preview

Yay! Minami's getting some attention! Been awhile since he's been in an update~ This week, he's got his cute little school uniform! Now his friend Lucas usually wears the standard gakuran, but Minami definitely prefers the shirt and tie approach. Can't help but be a classic cutie! 

Now based on the other sprites, I now feel like Minami's BASE sprite is out of place. The super spunky colors don't really fit the aesthetic of the game, so sorry, it's being scrapped. Minami's new base sprite will be either variations of his school uniform. (I also feel like he looks more innocent.)

Either way, I hope y'all will still adore the little ball of sunshine!


 Definitely gonna be feelin' up that waist memeu!


4) Questions

1) What do you think makes a route good?

2) Are you looking for more drama and angst, or something more oriented towards JUST porn?

3) Anything you didn't like about the demo? Things you did like? Now's your chance to really break it down!

4) What do you think Minami's favorite position is? huehue


Finally, someone in our discord server has been making fucking 1D memes and I love them.



Thanks again for reading and I hope you liked the update! If you have the time, please feel free to respond to the questions section! As always, if you have any questions, please send an email to


Feel free to join our discord! You can chat with me and the other devs, as well as a bunch of other weirdos~ Previews are also posted earlier on our discord!


Remember, we have a ko-fi! Any money will go towards furthering the game, buying merchandise, and maybe even going towards an optional narrator if we get enough~


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Get 1st Degree: Murder-Mystery BL/Yaoi VN [UPDATED DEMO]


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1) Conflict! I love high stakes play throughs where it feels meaningful and like someones life is on the line...Maybe that's why I like this game so much? :P 

2) I prefer the story - If the story wasn't good I wouldn't be interested in the gorgeous men. ^_^ 

3)  I was slightly irritated by the fact that speaking didn't have quotation marks so it was difficult to tell if Rei was speaking internally or to the people around him. I mean, I could mostly tell by the context and the lack of reaction though but yeah..haha. 

4) Hmm. Is he has innocent in the bedroom as he seems to be in the rest of his life? Perhaps he likes to spice it up? Who knows! 

I have a quick question of my own! Curious as to what program any of the writers on the team use to write the script out? 

1) A character that's interesting and character designs that suit the character itself

2) a mix of both so then it will satisfy both people who mainly want these things in the game

3) I loved everything in the demo except the voice for Minami since the voice sounded a bit forced/ unnatural

4) 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜 probably doing the wave cause hes too pure