Dev Update #11: Rei outfit preview, Script preview and more!

Happy Sunday y'all! Paradise here with another update! I hope everyone had a great week, I know I didn't because heck now I have two exams this week so that's great. Don't you just love school? Anyway, heck school and work, take some time for yourself and enjoy this update!

What's happening: 1) Plot Update 2) Character Interviews 3) Plot Preview 4) Rei Outfit 5) Merch Update + CG News 6) Questions

1) Plot Update

The plot is coming along, though a little bit slower because of school. Aside from editing, the common route is 100% written. Right now, we're finishing up Jun's route! It's about 85%-90% complete (again without editing). The other routes are coming along as well! It's a little more difficult to get the progress that I want on it because of school, but it's coming along as much as it can with the current situation. 

Right now, we're pretty set on being able to release the game in Summer of 2019, hopefully no later than early Fall. We don't have a set release date yet, but as soon as we do, I'll let you all know.

2) Character Interviews

JUN: What costume would you love to see Rei dressed up in? nurse, cat etc.
JUN: “When it comes to Rei dressing up, let’s just say I prefer to see him dressed down as much as possible. I mean really--does he need anything more than a collar?”


REI: What aspect of Jun attracted you the most at first? 
REI: “I know you’re probably expecting something deep and meaningful, but in reality, I just couldn’t ignore a face like that.”

DEV: How did you come up with the idea to make 1st Degree?
After a bad experience with another company, a few of my friends and I realized we had enough people to make our own visual novel. So that's how we got started. Then came the brainstorming for ideas and everything of that sort. We thought of a school setting, yakuza, then eventually came to the thought of that game 'fuck, marry, kill'. So yeah--1st Degree started off of that concept. However, over time and through a few rewrites, the plot is much more than that and has gotten away from that concept and is now more emotionally based to challenge the player. But you are still playing 'fuck or kill' with actual plot and not just having sex or murdering someone.


REI: What could Jun do to make you consider going out with him again?
REI: “Act like a civilized human being for once.”

JUN: “God, is that what you want from me? I’d rather drop dead.”

REI: “That wouldn’t be hard for most people, Jun.”

JUN: “And how do you define ‘civilized’? I made you breakfast, I fed the cat, we have dinner--absolutely mind blowing sex--what more could you want?”

Flustered.  REI: “Well you could start by keeping our private life just that--private.”

JUN: “I was just giving examples of how I was civilized. I didn’t realize that you were embarrassed by our relationship.”

Sighs. REI: “You’re impossible.”

JUN: “And you’re impossible to please!”

Under his breath. AIDEN: “It’s not that hard.”

3) Plot Preview

Enjoy this small plot preview! This week features Rei and the Twins. This time it's the endless debate: Pineapple on pizza--Yes or no?

[What awaits me is beyond anything I imagined. To my left, the bar is stocked with all kinds of liquor, and that doesn’t count the ones literally covering the counter. Bags of snacks are piled on the coffee table and the gaming console is set up and ready to go.]

LEO “We were gonna order pizza before you came but we didn’t know what toppings you liked anyway so we decided to wait ‘til we started drinking! What do you like?”

REI “Just pepperoni.”

LEO “So boring! Extra-pepperoni!”

REI “Sure, extra.”  

GRIFFITH “Leo’s going to try to convince you to put pineapple on that.”

REI “No.”

[I point at Leo, trying to be as serious as possible.]

REI “No pineapple.”

LEO “Oh come on! It adds just the right amount of sweetness!”

REI “I don’t want sweet pizza! Who eats that anyway!?”

[Leo raises his hand completely unashamed.]

REI “You will not be ordering the pizza.”

GRIFFITH “I told you.”

REI “What? Are you a pineapple fan?”

GRIFFITH “I like my pizza like I like sex, a lot of everything.”

LEO “That’s strangely accurate.”

[I laugh and shake my head.]

REI “Wait--how are we going to get pizza at this time of day?”

LEO “Oh--Griff knows a guy.”

REI “What kind of--guy?”

GRIFFITH “Someone who owes me a few favors. Plus, you could say he used to be a regular.”

REI “Do you mean what I think you mean?”

LEO “With Griff--it’s always what you think he means. But it’ll be nice to see him again! It’s been awhile since we had the pleasure of his company? What--senior year Griff?”

GRIFFITH “Sounds about right.”

REI “Wait wait wait--we’re ordering pizza, right? Not some kind of--stripper.”

LEO “You want him to strip for you? That’s actually how we met him!”

REI “Okay--I think that conversation’s over.”

LEO “So, what’re we doing? And really, what’s the occasion? I had to pinch myself half a dozen times to believe you were actually coming over.”

REI “I guess you could say I just need a day off.”

LEO “Days off are for staying in bed, not coming over to your students’ place to drink yourself stupid.”

REI “Yeah well, it’s what I’m doing.”

LEO “I’m game! Griff! Get the booze!”


4) Rei Outfit

Time for another outfit preview! Let's go back to our roots for a bit with Rei. This week is something a little more--well--seductive. Let's see a few versions of Rei with a boyfriend shirt on and in underwear~ There will be multiple color variations of this look, but please enjoy these three!

Hmm...I wonder whose shirts those are?

A little side note, I'm still debating on whether or not I should have naked sprites. As this is our first project, I'm working out the kinks and still figuring out exactly how I want to do things. I might make the sex scenes with just the headshots and expressions and then having a CG or two per instead of having a sprite that's like--well, crossing his arms when he's supposed to be thrustin' for lack of better phrasing. Let me know your thoughts!

The sprites will still pretty much all have underwear versions though, so that's a plus.


5) Merch Update + CG News

New merch will be coming soon! These will actually be featured in the game as well! The merch will be in the form of icons and will also be on our redbubble in the next few days (I will be posting another small update when they are available). Please see our Redbubble link at the bottom of the update!

We are still potentially looking for a CG artist. Please see the following document for the requirements! If you feel like your are qualified or would just like to apply in general, please check it out!

CG Requirements: Google Doc link


6) Questions

1) What route are you most looking forward to playing? Do you think you will play more than one route?

2) Are there any questions you think I need to answer that I have not already answered thus far?

3) What did you think of the plot preview? Do you read them, or do you think it's too much of a spoiler?

4) Thoughts on naked sprites? Do you think it's tacky or needed? 

5) Whose shirt do you think Rei wears the most often?


Thanks again for reading and I hope you liked the update! If you have the time, please feel free to respond to the questions section! As always, if you have any questions, please send an email to


Feel free to join our discord! You can chat with me and the other devs, as well as a bunch of other weirdos~ Previews are also posted earlier on our discord!


Remember, we have a ko-fi! Any money will go towards furthering the game, buying merchandise, and maybe even going towards an optional narrator if we get enough~


Want to buy merch? Now you can! Here's an easy way to access our merchandise. Please visit red bubble and search for anything that interests you! New items will be coming soon~

Get 1st Degree: Murder-Mystery BL/Yaoi VN [UPDATED DEMO]


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(2 edits)

1)Hmm,Im tied up between the twins and Jun,I would love to see how maybe a relationship starts to form between them and how Leo and Griffith will act.Also i would love to see Juns  route cuz him and Rei have alot of backstory behind and them to have a fresh new start and see how things work and if Jun will change for Rei so he can be with him again,also i will play all of the routes anyways :))) bu tmy opinion of everyone is like pretty neutral mostly Minami cuz im not really for that kinda type of characters in VN but in the same time i dont want to kill him.

2)Hmm...will the cat be apart of  the story's too,like not having only one or two interactions.Also does Minami will become a yandere?

3)i read them,i think that they dont really in my opinion raise any spoilers atleast for me.

4)hmm i think the GC's  will be enough.

5)probably Jun :)))))),because he still has feelings for him.

(1 edit)

1) Hmm, hard one. I think Minami's. I never go for this type of character in VNs, I mean Aiden is more my type but man, Minami's great and I love his voice and I really want to see how things develop (and who's gonna make the first real move; either one would be fun).

I plan to play all of them, of course. Aiden is my type and I already really like him from the demo - I want to know more about him and see how he'll confess to Rei or the other way around. I want to see the twins (obviously), because hell yeah threesome and I want to see if they actually fall in love with Rei or they'll just have fun with him. And I want to see Jun because it's his ex and Rei seems to still have feelings for him - besides, he gave him Kii so that's a plus.

4) I don't think naked sprites are needed. I prefer sticking to CGs for erotic scenes - would rather have an extra CG than naked sprites.

Minami is a really fun kid so I hope you'll enjoy his route! Aiden is a good guy, he just deserves to be loved.

Make sure to keep an eye out for how Kii treats the cast~

It might be fun as a joke to have the sprites up for the sex scenes.