Dev Update #3: Text Update - Timeline, updates, and rewards!

Hi all, it's Paradise! My move was very successful and I even got a cat! Now that all that stress is out of the way, there will be plenty of updates to come in the future! So, I'd like to take the chance to introduce just a few upcoming topics in the next update while I prepare all of the images and text to include! This is only a small information update but please read it if you're interested~

1) Plot

So one of the main issues I'm currently facing in-between drawings, is that I've decided to basically rewrite the entire plot from start to finish (the demo lines will stay about the same, just with a few changes here and there). What this means is that it will be written to feel more like a romantic relationship with the character that you have chosen to pursue (obviously). I was struggling with writing Rei's relationship with each of the characters until I literally said 'why am I writing it this way?' So, now I am trying to write the plot in a much more entertaining way for the player to not only enjoy the killing aspect of the game, but to obviously enjoy the romance aspect of it as well. The original plot felt like the romance was just a secondary aspect in the game, so I am trying to incorporate it much, MUCH more. Please look forward to the next update for more information about it!

2) Timeline

First and foremost, please remember that I am the solo artist for both sprites and CGs for 1st Degree, as well as the solo script writer. This means that there will obviously be some delays in the time frame that the game is released. Since I just moved to a new apartment, I have to pay rent and utilities which means I do commissions and I am trying to find a job. Plus, my new uni has a more intensive engineering program. SO! Please be respectful of that. I'd rather take a steady pace than burn myself out and lose motivation. 

Speaking of time though, I am toying with the idea of releasing the game in 3 parts. The first part will include the majority of the beginning and middle of the story, the second being the later half, and the third being the endings. If I do so in this way, the first part could be released as early as November/December, maybe even early. The second part summer of 2019, and the third part by the end of 2019. So what does this time frame mean for the content of the game? More CGs and at least one more outfit for the sprites! Plus gameplay earlier than late next year~


Part 1: November/December 2018 for $3
Part 2: May/June 2019 for $3
Part 3: September/October 2019 for $6
*these are approximations and could be released at an earlier time and for different prices

One issue with this is that coding wise, there isn't really a way to connect the decisions (that I or my coder know of in ren'py), so if you know about anyway around this, please feel free to send me an email with information about it: The one way around this (that I can think of) is that once all three parts are released, we can also release the full game for the same price of all the parts combined, and those that can show proof of purchase for all three parts would receive a code for the full game so that their decisions can properly connect to the endings. Again, this is just an idea, so I would like to know any opinions on this type of set up!

3) Update/Rewards Timeline

UPDATES: I am hoping to have updates out every week to every two weeks, even if it is just a small update with a sprite drawing or plot update. I would love to hear feedback though about what you all want to see so it is not just something that I would want to see in an update. Please feel free to leave any suggestions for me!

REWARDS: Now I know it's been a long time coming for rewards, but please be patient! They'll be on their way in the next month or so. The next update will have the preview of the poster (only those who ordered it will received the fully colored version, the preview will just be the lineart). I will also be redoing each of the cosplay wallpapers to be more in-line with my current style. (The pro of doing commissions for rent money is that I get to experiment and improve my style). Both of these, as well as the KS wallpaper should be delivered by the end of June. Voiced thank yous may take a bit longer, all of the voice actors do work and have other jobs, so please be patient with these, we will release them to you when we can. Ringtones will be sent at the same time as the wallpapers. I will be sending an email to the $150 tiers to receive their audio scenario script around the same time as the wallpapers as well.

Poster: End of June/Early July
Cosplay Wallpapers: End of June
KS Wallpaper: End of June
Voiced Thank Yous: End of July, maybe longer
Ringtones: Same time as cosplay wallpapers
Other rewards: To be delivered after the game is released.

Please do be patient with us! It's sad to say that real life does come first, so somethings with the game, like the rewards, will be delayed (as I have previously said).


Thank you for reading! The next update will be released the first week of June! 

1 - Plot Continuations
2 - Timeline Continued
3 - Rei Outfit Preview
4 - Background Preview
5 - Poster Preview
6 - Surprise!

Get 1st Degree: Murder-Mystery BL/Yaoi VN [UPDATED DEMO]


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