Dev Update #2: Graphics, Backgrounds

Hey guys it's Paradise! Just a small update for you today~ So right now I'm still in the very long process of moving (and studying for finals), so I haven't been able to do as much as I would like to do on my end. However, as soon as I complete my move, I'm hoping to get the long awaited wallpapers out! I will also be putting an order in for the posters which I will have a preview of in the next update. As far as the other rewards are concerned, they will be out at a slightly later date. 



So we've received some feedback about the censor options. We will be changing the clickable squares to just 'on/off' boxes instead. 'On' meaning that the option is enabled, 'Off' meaning the option is disabled.

We will also be changing a few of the other options to make the settings more user friendly. One of the changes we will make is having a save button available rather than just having the player right-click. We do know that some players had an issue figuring out how to 'Save' versus 'Quicksave,' so this hopefully will no longer be a problem. The option will be included on the dialogue box options ribbon at the bottom of the screen. We will also be changing the brightness of the writing to make it slightly more readable.

Another update that we will introduce into the game is creating a guide for the exclamation points on the phone. We know that some players rarely clicked on the phone unless it was necessary for a phone call, so we will create a guide to show what each color represents (i.e. red = phone call, green = definition available, etc.) Right now we currently have red, blue, green, and pink exclamation marks for the phone.

We have also noticed the phone gets a little awkward sometimes when answering phone calls, so we will work to fix that. The icons of the characters will also be changing for the full game. They will be similar to icons you may see on social media (selfies basically) rather than just the letters and sprite headshots. Yes that means Rei gets one too~

We will continue updating the graphics until we are satisfied with them, the updated versions will be in a future update! We may also make a tutorial for phone usage available in the tutorial tab on the main menu.



As we said in the previous update, there will be MANY backgrounds throughout the visual novel. Right now we have about 14 currently created and are still planning roughly 10 more. 

Background #1: Library...studying...gross

Since the university will play a major part in the progression of the story (after all, two of the routes spend a lot of time there) it obviously has to have quite a few backgrounds. One of which is the library! Rei and the twins will spend much of their time here.



Background #2: Help I'm scared of the dark

Now at this point, I'm pretty sure everyone knows that 1st Degree isn't a game for the faint of heart. There will be quite a bit of gore (that you can censor if need-be), so this means at least a few backgrounds will need to be dedicated to Rei's err....tendencies. We will have at least two different backgrounds dedicated to his murder sprees~



If you have the time, please answer this short questionnaire!

1) Has playing 1st Degree's demo changed how you initially viewed a character?

2) Are there any issues in the demo that you think needs to be fixed? (e.g. a bug, a typo, etc.)

3) What do you think could make the graphics/settings more user-friendly?


Thanks for reading! Please look forward to the next update which will be either right before or right after I move in May!

Get 1st Degree: Murder-Mystery BL/Yaoi VN [UPDATED DEMO]


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1.) I instiantlly fell in the love with the game after playing the demo. I love all of the characters, their voices and personalities, but my favorite character is Minami and I will always think of him as an adorable, ambitious kid. 

2.) It's been a few months since I played the demo, but I don't recall any typos or bugs. If I remember correctly; I did notice the cordination of the voice and text in the "speech bubble" being a little wonky. It's probably supposed to be that way but, it's a little akward, because Rei narrates the story; you'd expect him to read some other parts besides the times he speaks. I do remember being confused about when exactly he is speaking and when he is actually narrating. So, maybe making the mono and dialouge a little more obvious would clear that confusion.  

3.) The big thing was the save button and the sex and gore settings, in which you've already addressed. The graphics are phenominal and, although you're making updates to the phone, I think it would be much more effective/user-friendly if it were clarified when and how certain buttons can be used, which icons or features of the phone can be access. Maybe depending on how far along the player is in the story as well as which route they choose, could unlock certain functions or characters on the phone... Hopefully, that makes sense. 


I love this game so much, I would wait an enternity for it to be finished. That's just an hyperbole, though. XD 

Thank you for your comment! We're glad the characters appeal to you and it's always nice to know that our little cinnamon roll has fans!

We will be reworking the thoughts vs. speech with Rei so that it will be more easily understood. There won't be as many spoken lines as a result, but it will be more easily understood from a player perspective. This will be touched on more in a future update!

We may make an overall tutorial available once the player starts the game, just as a brief introduction to the mechanics. Again, touched on more in a future update!

Thank you for the critiques and the in-depth comment! It is very much appreciated and we hope you will enjoy the full game when it is released!