Dev Update #1: Minami, Backgrounds, Delays

Dev Update #1: Minami, BGs, and Delays

Hey everyone! Been awhile! I just want to start off by saying sorry for the delays; I (Paradise) have been in the very stressful process of transferring universities/switching majors/finding a new apartment/trying to adopt a cat for the last few months, so I haven't had much time to focus on posting updates for 1st Degree. But rest assured! The game is still progressing, just at a slower rate due to my real life situation. Development will still be slightly delayed for the next few months until I finalize my move, but we should still be able to get the game out around spring of 2019!

Anyway, thanks for reading my spiel, hopefully you all understand! Now, on to the update!


Let's focus on our adorable little high schooler, Minami!

Here's a fun fact, did you know that Minami was the first sprite I drew for 1st degree? He only had two iterations of sketches; the unused sketch will actually be used as one of his date outfits. Now even though I have been busy in real life, I have had time to work on a few outfits for our little pink marshmallow. This sweet boy will have many outfits that you'll be able to admire throughout the game (don't forget the animal ear option!). He, as well as the other characters, will also have a magical boy outfit in a future update! 

For now, let's focus on just a few of his adorable ones. 

Outfit 1: "A date?!"

As we have said in the summary of the game, you will have the chance to go on dates with all of the characters! This is where you'll be able to get to know the characters and decide who will eventually end up with Rei. Now of course, the character's style will [i]probably[/i] affect your judgment, so they all have to look dapper and adorable for their dates with the feisty little killer. You can bet Minami tries his hardest to look cute for his tutor~

Wondering about those cuts and bandage? Well if you've played the demo, you already know Minami isn't much of a cook. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for little Easter eggs! 
Hmm...I wonder what kind of date they'll be going on? Definitely has to fit their cheesy romance! 


Outfit 2: "I'll do my best!"

As far as I'm concerned, someone so adorable has to work somewhere just as cute. So, you'll be spending [i]plenty[/i] of time with him at his job site, a pet cafe! This future vet is a 100% animal lover, and even his part time job is dedicated to making sure homeless animals get their 'furever' home! (Along with feeding you hungry fujos and fudans~) We're even treating all of you with the preview of his animal ears and tail~



Like every great game, backgrounds are an essential part to really display where the character is. So with the help of our amazing BG artist, we'll be able to bring the game to life! 1st Degree will have a multitude of backgrounds for you to enjoy! We are expecting to have between 20-25 total backgrounds to feature in the game. We may even have more for the eventual side stories! Hopefully you like them! 

Background 1: Ugh..Uni...

We all hate university, let's be honest. But that doesn't mean it can't make for a beautiful background! You'll have many encounters here, so make sure you're prepared for each and every one of them~


Background 2: Good eats!

Who doesn't love going to a restaurant every so often? I know I do! Rei definitely enjoys a little special meal every now and then too, but who can blame him? This restaurant will be the face of many dates throughout the game, maybe you'll get an idea of what Rei enjoys eating. I wonder who he'll meet here?



We are looking at a few more delays on the horizon. Specifically related to rewards for our Kickstarter. Unfortunately, I have to do the majority of the ordering and sending out myself (aside from the mousepads, Rei's voice actor shipped those out!). Due to my situation in real life, the rewards have been put off slightly so that I will have more time to focus on ordering and shipping. I would hate to make a mistake that causes a backer to not receive what they paid for. Therefore, I will most likely be delaying the rewards for about another month or two, until I am settled into my new apartment. I hope you all understand.

The majority of the delays have just been caused from my current hectic life. One major factor is that I am rewriting quite a bit of the plot to make sure it will be a fantastic read and romance for all of you. I want to make sure it has aspects that everyone will love, but also some aspects that a lot of people may have questions about. My favorite part about writing a story is knowing that not everyone will fall in love with it, but may have questions that, when answered, may make them love the story more than they thought they did. That is the main reason that I am rewriting parts! This also means that the art will be delayed slightly since I both write, draw sprites, and do the CGs. Sprites will come first, then CGs once I am finally happy with the story I have written!


Please look forward to the next update! I will try to be more consistent, though another one may not come for a few weeks since this last month before my move will definitely be a crazy one!!

If you are interested in helping us out by donating to the project, you can send us an e-mail at . You can also send us any questions you may have to the same e-mail. I check it multiple times per day so I will be very quick to get back to you!


I would love to hear any feedback from you guys, so please answer this questionnaire if you have the time to do so!

1. What would you like to see in future updates?
2. Your opinions on this update?
3. Who is your favorite character from 1st Degree and why?


Thank you!

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