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how much will the game cost?

Depends on the final count of everything. But at this point, it'll be in the range of $15-$20. Max at $25.

so did the updated demo not come out on the 11th?

That's correct. I posted on our twitter, discord and KS that the updated demo is delayed because coding could not be completed before he went on holiday. I'm not sure when the updated demo will be released but it should be sometime in February at this point as our coder will not be back until the end of January.

sorry, must've missed those

is there a full version?

Still in progress!

did the twins swap personalities? 


minami's redesign really throws me off :/ he looked way better before with the bowl hair and the sweater and the choker :(


All changes to sprites are for the purpose of quality/consistency. Not everyone will be happy with every decision, but that's a part of the development process and part of building a character.

I just finished the demo.... It's so good!!! Ugh, I want it to be out already. >.< Good work!!!

I hope you'll enjoy the updated demo just as much! 

When is the updated demo going to be out?

The updated demo will be available early-mid January. 

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i literally made an account just to comment on this game.

i love it, and I can't wait for more in the future!! also, minami is my favourite uwu

That's great to hear! I hope you'll enjoy the updated demo just as much when it is out! 

i know this isnt related to the game but its really a problem.My computer doesnt have anymore space,only a little.and everything that i have in my computer are files that i actually need.ok there might be some that i do not need.Im pretty upset because if i will not have space on my computer this means that i will not play the updated demo when its going to come out

Have you thought about maybe getting an external hard drive? Sorry to hear though! I hope you'll be able to play it in the future! 

Wait, will the protagonist be a seme or uke? 😯😯😯


Depends on the route!

Deleted 1 year ago

I just finished the demo and I am so loving this game, it's such an interesting concept and you've brought it to life so perfectly. So far Rei and Minami are my favorite characters but I can't wait to explore all the routes to get the full story. I was just wondering, if I back you on kickcstarter would I be able to get the game through, I prefer to have all my games on the app because of I've lost games when my computer's broken in the past and I had no way of getting them back. If you could let me know, I'd be grateful thank you so much and looking forward to the full game, good luck!!


I'm glad you like it so far! Make sure to play the updated demo when it is out!

You can no longer back on Kickstarter since it finished last year. The game will be up on and on steam.

HNNFNNGNG. Updated Demo can't come fast enouuughhh~♪

Trust me, I'm waiting too even though I see what's going into it! 

Just finished the demo, and it's amazing so far! The story is intriguing and all the characters are unique and have great chemistry with each other already. I've been searching for a BL VN  with a crime/mystery theme and this is perfect! So far I really like Rei's snarky attitude and Aiden's personality the best, I'm super excited to play his route once the game comes out. I really adore the art, the CGs and backgrounds are stunning! Awesome work so far, I can't wait for the full release!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope you'll like the updated demo as well when it is released~

I have two question.sWhat it was your inspiration when creating every what inspiration was when you thought of Minamis design and his personality the same with the other characters(Also secondary characters too).And i know all the routes are not finished but what its the most interesting route or what route is going to be the most interesting from your own opinion.Also your opinion about each one of the characters?

1) Most of the characters I already had a general idea of how I wanted them to look. The original designs were a conglomeration of what a few of the original voice actors wanted since they started the production with me. However, over time and through the redesigns, I drew them how I think they would look best. For example, with Jun, I felt a lack of inspiration to draw any more outfits for him because I did not like the way I drew his body. Therefore, I redrew him to make him more proportionate and made him fit a kind of playboy persona. Personality wise, they were just created through writing. We started with a basic concept for each of their personalities, but writing has brought it out more than just planning and outlining.

2) In my opinion, I would say either the Twins' or Jun's route. In reality though, each of the routes have their own charm and will be interesting in their own way. Each of the characters are important to the story. 

3) I enjoy writing each one because they all have personalities that allow for me to feel like I can just pick up the phone and call one. The characters feel real to me since I'm obviously writing them, but I want them to have realistic qualities rather than just something flat and shallow. I probably relate to Rei the most out of all the characters--but it doesn't mean that I don't favor all of them.

btw i love the new designs of each character!

hello its me again.I wanted to ask a question . does the game is going to be released on steam too?

We will be going through the process to add it to steam once the game is fully released.

I love your game! And the charecters are just amazing! Can't wait for it to be fully  released :D  Are you considering of making an alpha or beta versions avalible to play?

Glad you like the game!

There will be a beta version of the full game available to those who backed that tier during our kickstarter.

This was amazing. The best visual novel on the market, A BL Murder Mystery game, that's fully voiced, has gore and sex? This is the best. Any hint on roughly when this will release?

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! The rough estimate is late summer of 2019.

I absolutely LOVE this demo~ The artwork and voice acting are beautiful and needless to say I'm definitely hooked! I can't wait to see where you guys take the story and I'll be eagerly waiting for the games official release, even if it's give or take a year away ^w^

I'm glad to hear you liked the demo! The support means a lot~

I was hooked the moment I started the game. Maybe deep down i'm a psychopath! The background music was amazing i'm not sure who did it but, it was suspenseful and, fit the mood and, flow of the game so well. The artwork was amazing. I really was sad that this was only the demo and, not the full game. Hoping when the full game gets released SPOILER;

We get to murder most of his aqauintences. This visual novel really reminded me of jigsaw the latest saw installment. Although i'm sure it's just concidence as, the whole story looks very original. There is only one flaw to point out and, it's something a similar creator has struggled with. (can't think of their name right now) That's audio to background music. I'm sure there is options to lower and/or raise bgm but, at it's stock original levels characters voices get lost in the louder music being played. I was like I said engrossed by the music that I didn't bother to adjust levels. Just giving a heads up as, i'm sure the voice actors worked really hard in their roles.

Thanks for making a video on the demo! I'm happy to know you enjoyed it! Don't worry, there will be plenty of murder throughout~

The sound is something that will be fixed for the full game. We were aware of the issue and will have it fixed for the future so it shouldn't be a problem.

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The demo was so good, the writing is fantastic and the VA really brings the personalities to light! Can't believe I missed the kickstarters :l Hopefully you'll be selling the game on here when you release it.

P.S. May be in love with Griffith and Jun <3 

Glad you enjoyed it!

The game will be available on itch as well as steam in the future!

(I love them too don't worry.)

You've made my labor day!! Thank you!! 

So that means the game will be released in 2019 but any specific month? or depends ?also i want to say that i love the demo and i saved money on steam just for the game.

i hope that you guys will release it on steam after youre releasing it here!

Also good job everyone. the best demo i ever played of a visual novel.

The game will be released in Summer 2019, we don't have a specific month right now since some things might be pushed back or somethings might be finished sooner so it is just an approximation. 

We're happy to hear that you enjoyed the demo! It was a lot of effort so it's nice to hear it was appreciated. 

Hands down the best demo i've ever played, really looking forward to the full game! 

Thank you so much! That's an amazing compliment! 

just a few quick questions 1: will there be a bad ending where you get arrested for murder 2: will there be a route where you can kill everyone and finally 3: will there be any mini games thanks bye

The first two, you'll have to play the game to find out. Third, no there will not be mini games.

Just finish playing demo.
I'm very excite for the full game.

Since your kickstarter is already fully funded. will there be pre-order or something? I don't want to miss this nice vn.

We are not planning on doing pre-orders for the time being. However, you can follow us on either Kickstarter,, or any of our other social media to get the updates which will eventually have a final release date posted within one.

Ugh! I love this so much!


Glad you like it!! Thanks for making a video on the demo! 

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I love this game so fucking much. I'll be patiently waiting for the full game, keep up the good work!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!!

So the demo only goes up to the part I mentioned. okay! Thank you. I promise I wont bug you anymore

Okay, I promise this is my last question. I IS JUST SO FULL OF THE EXCITEMENT! Do we have a general month or time of the year that you guys will release it at? I'm not trying to rush yall. Take yall's time and make it AMAZING (just like u have been doing). I is just soooooo excited.

It should be released Summer of 2019, possibly a little later. Thanks for the support!

OMG no problem. I just can't find many Visual novels that I am:

a) Interested in


b) my parents will let me play

So I'm just super excited and once again tysm for tolerating my bullcrap

is it like a demo or something?

Yes, it's just the demo. The full game will not be released until next year. 


:( :( :( :( :( sad face sad face SAD FACE!

It's really great though. I love it so far. Do you mind if I ask the ages of the charcters?

And maybe a possible dish that Rei likes..... I may or may not be thinking about making a fanfiction   >////>

The character ages and other info are on their character sheets on the old kickstarter campaign:

A short rundown is:
Rei: 24
Aiden: 35
Jun: 32
Leo/Griffith: 20
Minami: 18

Rei's favorite food is curry and favorite drink iced coffee.

djaaaaa!!! *head explodes* 6 year age differance beetween me ship. *cripiling depression* 

thank you so so so so much for tolerateing my ridculessness.

*two miutes later* 

just checked the profiles.


omg on Minami's profile: spending time with rei, cooking with rei. lol

okay so I got up to the part where is says this(Bold):

The Docter has killed again.

Now what? Is that like as far as they have gotten or what? I am confuduled. I have no idea how to continue the story. 


im sorry for bombarding you but i need help with something.When i try to run the game it doesnt work and it says. could not run. Is it missing?...... if i extract the files from the zip, would it work????

Extract the files from the zip to run it. 


Hello. I'm downloading this game now but i would like to know if you have to pay for the full release. If so how much?. Thank you for taking time to answer my stupid question. BAIIIII

btw im gunna play it now and i already know im going to go for Jun

Thanks for the interest! The full game will be commercially released for the range of $13-$17 depending on the final word count--which is lining up to be around 200k+.

I love this game so much!!! Does the full version have a release date yet, cuz I can't wait! :D

The full game should be released in the later half of 2019! We'll have a set release date early next year.

Holy cow, I just played the demo and I'm already hooked HHHHH. I love Leo lmao.  Can't wait for more, I eagerly await its full release! 

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Always nice to know Leo has a few fans~

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I can't wait for more omg I'm excited!

Super happy to hear!

This was really good!!made my heart giggle a lot too! i cant wait for more!

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Love this game can't wait for more <3

Happy to hear!

Please! Please! Please! I need more! This game is amazing so far I just ahhhhhhhh!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!! 

I love the game so much so far!! I would loove lots of gore and blood, that shit's 10/10 yknow? I'm not a big fan of the whole twin thing, being a twin myself, not so into that level of 'brotherly love'. But it's fine because Jun and Aiden are hot as fuck. The art is really good and the cgs make me nut in five different directions. 11/10 :)

Glad you like it!! Definitely a fan of Jun and Aiden myself! 

I love this game, and when I suddenly get an itch about a game, I get crazy all over it. AND THIS DEMO HAS GIVEN ME THAT ITCH. But I have a tiny question, what does it mean by '' Rei will eventually kill off at least 3 characters. ''? like kill like a love interest or..? 

Super happy you like it!

Yes, '3 characters' as in 'three of the four routes must die.'

How's the voice acting search going?

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