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The game text kinda small, it hard to read and concentrate. And I wish it had black border too cuz it even harder to read with the bright scene/BG...


Love this but just one thing that's bugged me just a lil - the correct term for injuries sustained before death is antemortem (or perimortem if sustained at time of death), not premortem.


Feel's like a really good damn story with a funny,gore and sex scenes... seems perfect to me! Also omg Aiden VA is melting my ears(and everything else). The art is amazing, the music too!! I'm really looking forward to play 1st Degree!! keep the good work guys! <3


I'm curious to when the official release date is.. I'm so excited for this game!!!


The suspense is killing meee


AAA I really want to play this game. It looks amazing!! Congratulations to all people that worked on this, Really good job!!


I am so excited for the full release.  I'll 100% be grabbing it. Love the art style, love the concept! Can't wait to see the full thing. 

Happy to hear that! I hope you'll also enjoy our side game when it's released! 


I need more!!
I just spent the rest of my afternoon playing this and not only is the soundtrack amazing (this includes the ringtones, I love Aiden's!), the story is riveting!

I tried downloading the demo for Windows, and when I extracted the files, it said they're corrupted. Any solution to it?

Oh, btw, this sounds like a really interesting game. Hope everything turns out okay, I can't wait to see the full release! <3

There are a few things you could try:

1. Test extraction with a different program (7zip, winrar, etc.)
2. Test on a different pc if available
3. Test redownloading the files and extracting again
4. Ensure the download isn't getting interrupted (check size of archive, if it's super small it's likely failing due to Internet connection)
5. Download the folder and drag the contents to your desktop or into another folder, or right click it and extract it to another folder
6. Check to see if your firewall is blocking one of the files

Let me know if any of these work! If none of these do, you could also look up some commands to input into the command prompt.

is the only way to support the game right now the patreon? will there be pre-orders for those of us who found out about it after kickstarter?

Right now the only way is through patreon or to order a daki cover. It is the best way for you guys since there is content we only release on patreon. We are not thinking about pre-orders right now, but we may think about it in the future! Other than that, there is a mid-development side game coming out soon that will also help with funds for the main game.

Full BL scenes, I can't wait for the full release!


I adore this game! Disappointed I hadn't heard about it when it was still being crowdfunded.

Really excited for the future of this game! Adore the art style.

I don't know how to play .after the character called me the game finished as I didn't even played anythin

This was just a demo. The full game is not released yet.

Would you guys ever do beta testing?? 

And I have never been so excited for a game before!

It was a reward during our kickstarter, but we don't plan on offering it outside of that since it was sort of like an 'early bird' reward.

I'm glad you're excited though! Please stay tuned for our upcoming side game~  


when are you gonna release this game?

Very nice demo. The voice acting was pleasant to the ear, and I enjoyed the characters. ^^ The only thing that really bothered me tho, was how small the font on the phone was. It was a bit hard for me to read the glossary. ^^"

va il y avoir une traduction francaise ?


This is amazing! I can't wait for the full game <3


The demo has me hooked :) Can't wait for the full release!

I absolutly loved this demo and can't wait for more! I still can't decide who my favorite route would be!


What a fantastic demo! I thoroughly enjoyed the story, characters and voice acting. The phone mechanic is such a cool and unique add on that really helps elevate this above other VN's, adding that extra bit of intractability. I'd happily pay whatever amount of money for such a well made and developed game.

I'm usually apprehensive with having a fully fleshed out playable character but damn Rei is done so well! A character that could come across as annoying just oozes this kind of charisma making you forget that tiny fact of him murdering people. His interactions and chemistry with the love interests are all so great and unique that I'm already struggling to decide who I'm going to romance!

 I wish you guys the best of luck with the release next year and all future projects. You've definitely earned yourself a fan today. (Also the tunes are absolute bops)

Awesome! I'm really glad you enjoyed the demo and that you liked Rei! It's always a struggle to balance a strong personality so I'm glad you were able to enjoy it. Our music guy also definitely appreciates any compliments about his tunes~

about how much do you think the full version will cost?

Around the $20-$25 range depending on final count of everything!


I loved the gameplay and storyline but the characters kinda sucked for me along with the terrible voice acting for Rei. I also hated how Rei had to flirt with every guy like every few seconds even though I was more interested in the actual plot besides the romance plot. This game has potential but right now I'm not feeling it.

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You can turn off the voices for the characters in the options I think. Also this is your standard yaoi vn... romance plays a major role here. If you're not interested in that then maybe this game just isn't for you. :P


why are you playing a game tagged as romance if you aren't interested in the romance? 

could you tell me the steps to download on windows?

O jogo é muito bonito e parece ter uma ótima história, mas eu gostaria muito que tivesse o idioma Português-Brasileiro (PT-BR), pois não sei entender inglês muito bem.

The game is very beautiful and seems to have a great story, but I would very much like it to have the Portuguese-Brazilian (PT-BR) language, because I do not know how to understand English very well.

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Well, it was an interesting demo. Quite the start there. xD

Love the art too. c:

When will the Full game be released i loved the demo



How do you buy the game?

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sad that the full game will cost money :( when will it release? and will there be any way for me to obtain the full release for free? but other than that, absolutely love the updated demo! 

Deleted 220 days ago

I really love this coment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S  so so true. I can't wait until I can buy the whole thing. Oh thanks for telling me when its going to be released, always have a such hard time to find that information. Bad at looking for it. 

Well, not everone can just get a job. Some of us disabled folks for instance. It's quite rude to just assume that anyone can just get a job. Of course you shouldn't get the game for free, but I certainly hope that we're not at the point where asking a question can get you in trouble. I don't like the OP trying to cheat the system anymore than the next person, but try to be a little more respectful that money isn't something that all people can get easily.

Deleted 220 days ago

I am not physically disabled. I am neurodivergent. I do not live in the US, and I very much so not appreciate you telling me what I can or cannot do, thank you very much. What people prioritize is none of your business, either. Stop trying to police what people spend their money on.  Some peopIe use games and creative endevours as anxiety relief-myself included. I do not disagree with the basic tenants of your critique, you are just being so incredibly smug, self-important and entitled.

 I do not know the intention of the OP, but he/she could have been asking the developer if you could get the game for free. Unlikely, I know. Again, I do not disagree that it is shitty to not want to pay for a game that people worked hard on. It's just your attitude. Even when talking to an actual disabled person, you're still lecturing me about what you think I am and what I can or cannot do. Only I know that. And stop using disabled people you know as leverage. 

And hurting a living, breathing being is A LOT worse that stealing a video game. 

Deleted 220 days ago

why would it be sad that the artists, writers, and developers would get paid for all their hard work

Hey, I tried to download this game and it kept giving me the error message "Exception: Couldn't find file '._voice.rpi'." I've downloaded it at least 4 times and unzipped it every time only to repeatedly get this message. Anything I can do to fix it?

Hi Niko! I'm from the 1st Degree Discord channel - just wanted to let you know this issue is currently being worked on.

Sorry for any inconvenience! 

Umm... can someone help.... I don’t know what to do, I downloaded it a hundred times but I can’t open or I don’t even now what I am supposed to open and I really want to play this so please help me.

You have to unzip the files and start the .exe file to open the game. If this doesn't work then it's possible your firewall is blocking it.


does anyone know when this will be relaced?



thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Does playing it on a Samsung tablet work? I downloaded it, then unzipped it, but I don't know what to do next.

It's available on windows, mac, and linux. Might work if you download the linux version, but I don't believe it's coded to work on mobile devices, and the Samsung tablet has a mobile version of linux so that could be the issue.

Thank you.


Hey, I'm playing the update rn and one of Minami's comments made me kinda worried. It's defo not going to stop me from playing or buying the game, but I would like some heads up if you can. Will this game be featuring animal violence? 


No animal violence!

Thank you!

Thank you!


Oh gosh this game is simply spectacular, even if it's just a demo for now. You had me right at the first scene,,, I have a soft spot for murder-mystery plots and this is very well-written! I love the variety of characters as well,, they have character depth and I especially love Rei,,,, probably because we got to see his cold vs playful demeanor but still grumpy 24/7. I am so excited to play the full game! 


How long will each route be once the game's released?

Anywhere between 70k-100k words!


Finally got around to playing the Demo... I'm glad we finally fed the cat. 


Really enjoying this story. The music is interesting, I love the phone system and the fact that some of the choices are timed (hope this continues in the full game). I also appreciate the fact that the protagonist is different in the sense that most games seem to have a more honerable protagonist at least ethically. Having said that, my one critique would be to try to introduce the character's misdeads in a more mysterious way maybe with a mask or some way of changing his the voice. Also, starting of with this being the seventh victem is kind of high for the begginning of the game and just seems to come out of nowhere.  Lastly please don't take this the wrong way but I really feel that by making Rei just so cold and aloof it is hard to believe that anyone would like to get to know him (yes I know he is the copycat killer which explains some of the coldness) but still that is why it would have made more sense to try to make the connection a little more mysterious. I hope my critiques did not sound mean spirited nor dose this ditract from wanting to play the complete game when it comes out.


I was so ready to pre-order this game XD  I love it so much, and I can't wait to finally get it!!

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