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Can't wait for the update!


Any update?


The new developper (announced a year ago officially on the discord channel) is actually reworking the script. The new timeline seems to be 2024. 

You can actually see the entire answer from the original developper on the discord channel in the topic named questions_about_1d. And the last year update in the annoucements topic.

So there is still hope.


Thank you so much for letting me know!!! <3


Man, I just saw that update from the dev and woah... I hope everyone in the team is doing alright. We can wait for the game, just take care of your well being you guys! Hope you're all safe <3

hey, im sorry to ask but since i cant find the update could cou maybe be so kind and tell me what they said? I still havent given up on the game and would really love to know what happend and what they said in the updat


I saw the one from their "development log" (not the latest update though), here:


Oh thx so much! I also saw a post from like 124 days ago where someone posted a discord update and it sounds really tough... hope they all feel better soon!


Chill out people, it seems like they've been going through a lot already. A game does not matter more than someone's mental and physical well being.


oh please. Every single game developer on sites like this do the same song and dance. When people have paid, and backed  project, you dont get to say "my brain feels funny" and shut down a project. People like you want zero accountability and THATS the biggest problem with developers like this.  If youre a mentally unstable person, or just unstable in life, you dont kickstart, and fully fund a project, then disappear for a long time. Grow up.



me in 2023: wait this still exists?- thought they dropped it or some shit


this is just sad at this point. i had so many hopes for this back when it was announced. 

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last updated 2020 lmao. too bad


Other signs of dead game: Instagram page is deleted and Patreon content was wiped(only their profile ramain, but no posts).

On the other hand, they're still taking orders for the dakimakura...Does anybody know if somebody actually ordered it and devs actually shipped the product?

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In regards to the discord which I haven't been onto in a few months, it seems like there has finally been more of an update.  Here's what Parival has said as of recently this past summer:

So...I don't know what this means for the game, nor why they can't provide these same updates on their other platforms. I also just wonder if it will really end up getting finished? Idk tbh. As of right now, I feel like we all just have more questions vs answers/replies. It's still not guaranteed in my opinion, based off of how Parival has dealt with things via communications/their customers/audience. 

So, Im not sure I want to go with Parival's words just yet, until we actually see some more progress being done visually, and we hear news from Jackie's end. But, this new update still doesn't really change my stance on how I feel with things in regards with how communications have gone down. I guess only time will tell 🤷‍♀️, hopefully it will come out some day. 

And to Parival, I do hope, that you get better soon for what it's worth, despite how I feel about the state of this game. I know personally and on a similar level some of the things you're going through, and I hope you've managed to get some help for your mental/physical health. Because, that's always the most important, at the end of the day.

For anyone struggling with mental health in the US (I live here, so I can't unfortunately provide other means of help as I wouldn't know of any):

1st Source:

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline- SMS: 988 Call: 988

Official Website: (available 24/7)

2nd Source: plz text HOME to 741741

Official Website: (available 24/7)

Either of these two sources are available at any time, for any crisis, or even not in a crisis --but you're still a bad place? Will work from anywhere in the US.

Still need help, but don't feel like you need those sources? Then I also highly recommend reaching out to your medical network/insurance, or another adult/family member who can refer you to available therapists/counselors in your area asap. It's always good to strive to take care of our mental health, and that we see to it that it doesn't get worse.


Hey, mind telling me where can I get a discord link to their server? The link posted here and on their Twitter is inactive.

Oh man, that stinks that it's inactive. I had no idea. Im not sure how to help, since that's originally where I got my link invite. And I don't think I can share discord links, I believe only the owner of the discord can make new ones. Guess they also don't want any more people going onto their discord...😭💀

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Seeing this and groaning as Y Press takes over another game... Their writing is so terrible otl

I'm not sure what you mean? Ypress isn't taking over helping this game, so you shouldn't spread misinformation😅. Maybe you thought that because of Jackie being mentioned whose taking over? But she's her own person/individual, and isn't a part of any company as far as I know. 

Also, if Ypress did take over, I think everyone would mostly just be glad that they'd offer their support & finances just to get it done and to have something🤣. 

Also, when you take over another game already in the process of being made, you tend to leave the story/art to whomever was doing so order to help keep the story cohesive, or to find someone new who can match that style.

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I misunderstood the associate part. Also Ypress has actively taken over/assisted in the development of multiple incomplete games and reworked aspects of it into something I am not fond of. So it's always a possibility.

and yes I'm sure there are people that would be happy about it, just like there are people like me that would not be happy considering the amount of rapey shit ypress does LMAO?


Tbh, I dont think that's how taking over a game from another company works at all, because then it's a completely different game and you might as well make a whole new game vs continuing what you were doing. I just meant that I think people would be happy the game gets done at all😅. Since Ypress is usually just the financer in cases like that. 

Ypress mostly leaves things like the original story and art up to the first devs. Take for example: Sentimental Trickster, which Ypress took over. No non con whatsoever.

And personally? To each their own, if people want to play games w/non con. Darker games can actually help heal you from your own trauma (speaking from experience). I also personally think that Ypress games, is one of the few sex positive/consenting LGBTQ+ indie companies out there with the majority of their games being 100% consensual except a few. And only a couple of those few containing non con sex with clear warning descriptions.

But if you dislike them, you dislike them. To each their own, right?


I posted on here 2yrs ago in support/encouragement/and hopes that everything would be all right with this game and for the dev, since it hadn't been too long at that time since a nice, detailed update was provided. I can without a doubt say that this project is dead to me right now, and I'm sorry to see it so. Perhaps it will come out some day, perhaps it won't. Personally, they've had two years, almost three now --to give a detailed update/response on what's realllly going on with the game, and what the future realistically holds for it/them. 

But they've personally chosen to avoid every question asked, NOT to provide any detailed updates, and constantly ignore the questions about the game, or vaguely answer them on their discord server as being in a "haitus" or "working on it on the side." That's bad business/customer service to me. So as far as I feel and believe? This game is dead and  I probably will veer away from supporting Parival in the future. There has to be give and receive for trust to take place.


What irks me about Parival is that they never seemed to understand how to take their business seriously. There was always a reason for production to be delayed or they were managing their responsibilities poorly and got swamped with other priorities and had to put their game on hold. They are a business offering a product to us (the customers). If it was free then fine, but it's a paid product that was funded. The moment I found out that the devs were busy with university/work, was the moment I realized that Parival as a business was nothing more than a "side hobby or side hustle" for these people. They were irresponsible with their time management or picked the wrong moment to start a gaming company when they were busy with other priorities and responsibilities (i.e., university and their jobs). 

I absolutely would veer away from this team and perhaps Parival would be an example to others that starting a game company and developing games should not be treated lightly. It doesn't matter if it's an indie game, a business is a business and should be treated as such. 


As a backer, all I want to say is this:

Fuck you, Parival and fuck you shitty Discord channel


about to be 2023 im so sorry to the people who put so much money into this game. thank you to the ones who warned me.


Just posting this update for those without a Discord: today, the devs said in the server for this game that “An associate of mine is working on the production at the moment and will make an update later this year”. Vague, yes, but it’s something… 


when i emailed them a year ago, they said something similar. i just hope it's closer to the truth this time. when i saw the discord update i got very cautiously hopeful again.

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Honestly sounds like an excuse. I was wondering why they were active in the discord but not responding to people on this site. Priorities are messed up


I'm so sad this got abandoned I really really enjoyed the demo...why must such skilled developers scam instead of just finishing their games? They clearly have the talent, I don't get it.

Deleted 1 year ago

I posted a comment here a year ago basically saying "don't get your hopes up for this one, the devs have a bad reputation" and unfortunately it looks like I was right. It's a shame for everyone who trusted you guys  and spent money on this scam.

Y'all, best thing you can do right now is to remember the name "Parival" and avoid it like the plague next time they create a new project to steal money from unsuspecting people. 


tbh i feel like their the same dev from all men are pigs idk..

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Such a shame.... I feel so bad for the people that spent money, time and wait on this project. I hope one day, it will be recovered for y'all. 

Anyone who is just introduced to this work, beware. Because this project very much likely left behind, and is going to stay here forgotten forever.


Let's just face it: the game is abandoned. They took the money and ran.

It's the middle of April 2022 and they still have the "RELEASING IN 2021" up. There are no updates literally anywhere, and they were silent for two years already.

I get it that they might've had some problems in real life, but the only excuse they have for POSTING LITERALLY NOTHING for two years is being dead. People pledged their money for this project, they were supporting the developers for years, and they don't even get an explanation on why the game they've been waiting for is not getting updates anymore.

The devs should be ashamed of themselves. They not only ran with the money, but betrayed the trust of people who loved and supported their project.

Go screw yourselves, Parival.


Let's be honest - that's not the first project that had problems with development, but it's the first time I had seen such negativity in the comments long before that. Talking about accountability, money, respect, high on self-righteousness -  I don't think that helped either.


I'll have to disagree, people only ever raised concerns (and valid ones considering this will end up being a paid product one day) when the Devs started to delay updates and make basically no progress. Even now some people are trying to defend the Devs absence, which I'm very baffled by. Since all it would have taken to avoid this mess, is for them to log in, just say whether the project is discontinued or not and refund people if it is. There's no shame in discontinuing a game, but there is in not being responsible enough to let everyone know and return the money people have invested, in hopes of ever seeing the finished game.

Honestly, this is the first time I've seen such patience and kindness from fans in game development on something that is trying to basically sell itself for 4+ years and has kept making empty promises to its own customers. That's my own take, the very least.


i remember making a comment here almost a year ago defending the devs of this game, when i was much more hopeful about its release, but i'm not so hopeful anymore. i at least hope that if the game is truly abandoned, you'll tell us that much, and refund the backers who paid you money.

Deleted 1 year ago

I've been looking for updates on this game for years and it is very disappointing to see that this game looks like it has died... I was so hyped and excited for this game.


People have lives, we have no idea what they're going through


and people paid money for this. the least they can do is update their fanbase / customers. 


This game looks good... but there hasn't been any news since 2020 I guess :(


Sigh...another disappointment.


They might be dealing with something right now and all you care about is their game?


We live in 2022. It would take them a few minutes to write a little update and say "sorry yall stuff happened." 

The devs already had a bad reputation when this project was released, though most people were unaware and chose to trust them.

 Stop playing dumb. Stop defending con artists, AnonymousLucario.

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Currently in the year 2022. This game went down the same way all men are pigs did..sad. I do hope nothing happened to them.

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Been waiting since day one of the announcement for this game...I know at some point Ya'll had some health stuff going on or something & covid hit everyone pretty hard, but an update would be very nice even just an update stating that the game is delayed indefinitely. You know so us fans aren't sitting on the edge of our seats wondering & hoping, waiting for an inevitable nothing. This game has so much potential it'd be a damn shame for it to go to waste.  :)


Been a year, uhm. Is this still going?


Yet another promise-breaking, idiotic, silent Dev. Why are we funding this?


I gave them so much money lmao


I get it’s been two years; but I’ve seen smaller projects take 4+ years to launch. Cut them a little slack, it is their first game and they do have a life outside of developing one as well.. :]


Yes thats true, but atleast give us some updates on what is going on with the game, are they done with the whole script? CGs? Or any progress with the game some game developers gives a monthly update on what is happening regarding with the project. It's been 2 years since the last time they gave an update(and it's just for a side game) The users have the right to know since some of them already donated for the funding of the project. Some players think that this project is being cancelled since the developers are too quiet. 


You do make a good point.. with people funding their project. But it is evident they have gone quiet -- you'd think people would stop funding. As for updates,, it would be nice to have a new update; but we can't know for sure if they have ongoing personal problems unless they tell us. It'd be nice to know, but we still can't blame them for not having the game yet.. and  maybe they can't update yet: no one knows if they can or can't :) I do see your view on it, however. Unlike you, I haven't been waiting two years for an update.. I glanced at it in 2020 but didn't really feel motivated to download the demo ahah.


yeah i know the feeling. I always check the status of a game before downloading. If it's on development status and their last update was 2 yrs ago, i already think that they already dropped this project. And No i didnt wait for 2 yrs for this game. Lol i just saw this game and i thought it is interesting but then i saw their last update was from 2 yrs ago and it's still on development status, soooo i didnt download it. I really dont wanna play the game on demo with such a massive cliffhanger at the end. Lol. 


I see.


It's their responsibility to update when they already did a crowdfunding but delay the release day, that the least the could do, yet they didn't give their fan any update.


This game looks soooo good.

I really hope you will be working on it again and it's not actually dead. It would be nice if you could just give us a little heads up. Just a little 'sorry I wasn't feeling well' or something would put a lot of minds at ease I think. You have always been very good with keeping everyone updated and this just feels weird. Hope you are ok and know a lot of people are still supporting you.

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Sooo... it's been a HOT minute since the last update. Life happens, completely understandable. I wouldn't expect the devs to prioritize this game over their mental/physical health. What I'm saying isn't new here, but I really wish that at the very least, they would be more transparent about such issues. A simple "hey guys, really sorry about the lack of updates, but life stuff is going on and we are taking an indefinite hiatus" would suffice, especially when they have been financially backed thousands of dollars. I joined the Discord and the most recent update I saw was in October of this year, in which the dev basically said what I put in quotes above. While saying it on Discord is better than not at all, I think that they should definitely be saying that where backers and the general public who have been waiting for this for a long time to see. Not everyone has Discord or even knows there's a server for the game. 

I take no issue with the game's development taking longer than expected. Hell, Omori took SIX YEARS, and it turned out absolutely brilliant. I do take issue with the devs not communicating this, which ironically enough, the creator of Omori was guilty of as well. Alongside that is the fact that Omori was Omocat's first game, and First Degree is also Parival's first game. Perhaps I'm being too optimistic here, but maybe it's a similar situation going on in which the development process for First Degree is going to take a very long time, but the final result is amazing. I left an extremely positive review of the demo 9 months ago, so I definitely have faith in Parival to keep that quality up for the rest of the game. 

I wish them luck and success in their future endeavors and progress on this game, but do wish they would be more upfront about the whole process. 

Edit: After rereading some comments, I noticed that some were angry about a side game being finished when the main isn't. I could be wrong, but I don't think that the devs made a side game just for the lulz. It could have been to bring some more money in because the main game was costing more than expected. Again, this is their FIRST GAME. They may have underestimated the time, effort, and money it takes to do something like this. 

Hey :), do you know whether they have been updating something on discord the last 6 months?


Hi! They posted another update just today, actually: “An associate of mine is working on the production at the moment and will make an update later this year.”

Incredibly vague and frustrating. Given the devs’ past history of promising a specific timeframe and then not delivering, I wouldn’t trust this statement. But we’ll see.


ah thanks for the info! but yeah i agree, it's just such a pity, bc this game had so much potential and quality and i feel like with the game they could have established themselves as a game dev team on like lunaris or wanderlust etc. but now so many ppl just lost their trust (for very understandable reasons). i haven't invested any money so for me it's more like just disappointment but i can understand how and why others who even backed them up, are angry and frustrated. I too think even if they didn't have the time or nerve or something like that, to write an update here, the very least they could have done is to just update this site and just write: Indefinite Hiatus. Because then we know and people who find the game right now will also know to not play the demo or at least to not get their hopes up.

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I refuse to support these developers anymore, and glad I didnt support this. I hate to say it but devs are gonna have a harder and harder time getting their games backed if they have no history of successful releases because so many projects take money and dont deliver. Between this, AMAP, and a few others, these guys just refuse to even give updates and its absolute garbage. If you took money from people, you owe them an explanation, plain and simple. I see a LOT of devs blame physical and mental health, which is fine if you are transparent and honest with your backers, but too many of these guys cut and run and then fall back on "poor me" excuses. We all would be understanding, but not after HALF A YEAR of no response. 

Deleted post

Joined the discord server to see wtf was happening with development and the dev has just been on hiatus for half of this year with absolutely no updates on itchio and then answered questions about when the game was coming out or storyline arcs with extremely vague answers. Was super excited for this to come out this year after waiting 4+ years now am extremely disappointed. I wish the people like me who spent money to see this game actually get developed get their money's worth eventually




Well, I think we can safely assume that the game was abandoned(ONE year without news). I hope you will refund your backers 


I feel like the game should be for androids and iOS players 


Android plsss


I really wish y'all'd give an update, even if it's just "hey, so, shit's gone kind of sideways, we need to take a hiatus, we'll be back in X time."


I wholeheartedly agree. The only reason I've been holding back from getting the side story is because there's no certainty (or estimation) on when the main game is released.

I really want to support the devs but getting only the side story before the main game just doesn't sit well with me. Not to mention there's no update in the last 1.5years.

Still hopeful this will be released though.


I've had this game saved for a while and i'm seeing some negative comments I hope aren't true as I had high hopes for this game and would/will definitely buy it when it done

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