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I loved the gameplay and storyline but the characters kinda sucked for me along with the terrible voice acting for Rei. I also hated how Rei had to flirt with every guy like every few seconds even though I was more interested in the actual plot besides the romance plot. This game has potential but right now I'm not feeling it.

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You can turn off the voices for the characters in the options I think. Also this is your standard yaoi vn... romance plays a major role here. If you're not interested in that then maybe this game just isn't for you. :P

why are you playing a game tagged as romance if you aren't interested in the romance? 

could you tell me the steps to download on windows?

O jogo é muito bonito e parece ter uma ótima história, mas eu gostaria muito que tivesse o idioma Português-Brasileiro (PT-BR), pois não sei entender inglês muito bem.

The game is very beautiful and seems to have a great story, but I would very much like it to have the Portuguese-Brazilian (PT-BR) language, because I do not know how to understand English very well.

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Good parts:

  • Great Music
  • Great Art
  • Engaging Story
  • Interesting and Unique gameplay
  • Interesting and Unique UI
  • Interesting Characters
  • Pretty good writing

Bad parts:

  • Some slight issuses with pacing that will probably be fixed in the full release (as this is a demo)

I'm excited for the full release - can definitely see this becoming a game I really enjoy.

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Well, it was an interesting demo. Quite the start there. xD

Love the art too. c:

When will the Full game be released i loved the demo



How do you buy the game?

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sad that the full game will cost money :( when will it release? and will there be any way for me to obtain the full release for free? but other than that, absolutely love the updated demo! 

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The devs have been working really hard to get this game up and running; it takes time, effort and money, which is why they have decided to charge for it. To ask the developers how to acquire their game for free is like slapping them in the face. Oh and you can't download commercial (priced) games for free - that's illegal.

If you can't afford the price tag then walk away, get a job or save up until it goes on sale. That's what other people do. Oh and learn some tact - there are somethings you -really- shouldn't say in front of other people. Especially illegal ones. You could land in some hot water for that.

PS: And if you had read some comments bellow yours, you'd have noticed that they already answer when it was going to be released - 2020.


I really love this coment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S  so so true. I can't wait until I can buy the whole thing. Oh thanks for telling me when its going to be released, always have a such hard time to find that information. Bad at looking for it. 

Hey, I tried to download this game and it kept giving me the error message "Exception: Couldn't find file '._voice.rpi'." I've downloaded it at least 4 times and unzipped it every time only to repeatedly get this message. Anything I can do to fix it?

Hi Niko! I'm from the 1st Degree Discord channel - just wanted to let you know this issue is currently being worked on.

Sorry for any inconvenience! 

Umm... can someone help.... I don’t know what to do, I downloaded it a hundred times but I can’t open or I don’t even now what I am supposed to open and I really want to play this so please help me.

You have to unzip the files and start the .exe file to open the game. If this doesn't work then it's possible your firewall is blocking it.


does anyone know when this will be relaced?



thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Does playing it on a Samsung tablet work? I downloaded it, then unzipped it, but I don't know what to do next.

It's available on windows, mac, and linux. Might work if you download the linux version, but I don't believe it's coded to work on mobile devices, and the Samsung tablet has a mobile version of linux so that could be the issue.

Thank you.


Hey, I'm playing the update rn and one of Minami's comments made me kinda worried. It's defo not going to stop me from playing or buying the game, but I would like some heads up if you can. Will this game be featuring animal violence? 


No animal violence!

Thank you!

Thank you!


Oh gosh this game is simply spectacular, even if it's just a demo for now. You had me right at the first scene,,, I have a soft spot for murder-mystery plots and this is very well-written! I love the variety of characters as well,, they have character depth and I especially love Rei,,,, probably because we got to see his cold vs playful demeanor but still grumpy 24/7. I am so excited to play the full game! 


How long will each route be once the game's released?

Anywhere between 70k-100k words!


Finally got around to playing the Demo... I'm glad we finally fed the cat. 


Really enjoying this story. The music is interesting, I love the phone system and the fact that some of the choices are timed (hope this continues in the full game). I also appreciate the fact that the protagonist is different in the sense that most games seem to have a more honerable protagonist at least ethically. Having said that, my one critique would be to try to introduce the character's misdeads in a more mysterious way maybe with a mask or some way of changing his the voice. Also, starting of with this being the seventh victem is kind of high for the begginning of the game and just seems to come out of nowhere.  Lastly please don't take this the wrong way but I really feel that by making Rei just so cold and aloof it is hard to believe that anyone would like to get to know him (yes I know he is the copycat killer which explains some of the coldness) but still that is why it would have made more sense to try to make the connection a little more mysterious. I hope my critiques did not sound mean spirited nor dose this ditract from wanting to play the complete game when it comes out.


I was so ready to pre-order this game XD  I love it so much, and I can't wait to finally get it!!

heyy i just finished playing this demo and i felt compelled to leave a comment i LOVED IT . First the premise is interesting and nothing i have heard of before, a copy cat killer working on the police force its genius mwhaha.
also the characters where so different and well thought out i like how the main character didn't change who he was for the others his behaviours seemed genuine how he would of reacted to the situation  it made him more strong as a character and i love that.
also the artwork and soundtrack is amazing. this is my first download of a indi demo game and im sold. i wish you the best and cant wait to see this game complete.

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So I finished the second demo, and I gotta say it has a lot of improvements I mean I already loved the game just from the first demo  you released!

The one thing I have to point out that doesn't really fit is the newly added 'fan-service'. I get it's for us to get a feel of what the relationships are going to be like once you start the route of a character BUT I feel like some of them didn't fit the characters, are out of place or just happened too soon, (Aiden and the Twins). Jun's justified because they literally share  history and were a couple, but Rei and him making out without any care in the world in front of a teacher just seemed a bit surreal. Also the twins in the first demo were more mysterious and interesting and Griffith seemed more distant and cold which was his appeal, in this new demo he is just thirsty lol. I hope on the full VN we'll get to see him develop and have more depth.

My favourite characters so far (It can change in the future) based on the new demo are  Rei (of course), Minami, Aiden and Leo. (No order in particular but I may be slightly biased towards Minami)

Hello I just finished playing the demo and I'm really excited since murder, detective work and BL are just my cup of tea! The writing is great! Although just from the demo, I can't find any redeeming qualities in most of the characters haha.. ^^;; Minami's the sweetest, but with the way everyone else is, I can't trust himm.. But I'm sure when I get to the actual routes, I'll fall in love with the characters~

Also, the art and interface design are simply stunning! It's what made me interested in this game in the first place~ I'm not a huge fan of the VAs voices but I can simply turn off their voices in setting so it's not a big deal.. 

I'm curious how the story would progress.. Good luck with the development!

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Hi, I played the demo and still figuring out my feelings toward this. Rei is not what I imagined, and his voice actor made him sound like an irritated teenager to me tbh, though he did a good job in expressing different emotions. Btw, I love the voice acting of the twins, very quality.

The plot is weird. Rei was "frustrated by one unsolved murder after another" so he killed too??? Copy the killing to be exact, to lure the killer out or something??? What??? What's the point of resolving the case if you just kill more people???

The romance was kinda rush, it just came out of nowhere, I mean should we set up the mood first? But instead, it was like "hey I bought you a sandwich then BAM! *pin him to the wall* and continued talking" ??? :D??? or "hey I gotta go - let's play roleplaying *hugged him and kissed*" what???

The writing is so-so, a little boring maybe, but I could keep going thanks to the voice acting, if not for it then I wouldn't bother reading tbh if it's not important, but I love the BG music, the title screen bgm to be exact.

So overall, I don't know, I think I enjoyed playing it so far, but so many things bugged me in between. ^^; Anw, thank you for your work, I'm looking forward to the next update.


Thanks for the critiques!

Loved this demo, I'm really excited for the full release. I was curious though, it seems like a lot of scenarios in the demo feel like they should of had choices but they didn't. Like your reaction to the detective flirting with you, the meeting with the twins, the roleplay with minami, and how you react to Jun's phone call and the office scene with osamu. Those all kinda felt like they should of had choices to them with how you could have chosen to react to them. (and I think some originally did) I'm not trying to offend you or try to tell you how to make your game or anything like that it was still great, I was just curious as to why none of those scenarios had reaction choices?

Most of the decisions will focus on advancing the story, but we may add more interactive decisions if we feel they are necessary. 


Just finished the demo! I'm totally hooked. Love the music! All the characters are pretty interesting, it's going to be a tough choice. Can't wait for the full version.


sooo it's 8th of feb today


I really loved the demo, since murder mystery and crime are right up my alley, can't wait to play the full game. Keep up to great work.

is this the only platform to download the game? Will it be available on steam too?

It'll be available on itch and Steam.

how much will the game cost?

Depends on the final count of everything. But at this point, it'll be in the range of $15-$20. Max at $25.

so did the updated demo not come out on the 11th?

That's correct. I posted on our twitter, discord and KS that the updated demo is delayed because coding could not be completed before he went on holiday. I'm not sure when the updated demo will be released but it should be sometime in February at this point as our coder will not be back until the end of January.

sorry, must've missed those

is there a full version?

Still in progress!

did the twins swap personalities? 


minami's redesign really throws me off :/ he looked way better before with the bowl hair and the sweater and the choker :(


All changes to sprites are for the purpose of quality/consistency. Not everyone will be happy with every decision, but that's a part of the development process and part of building a character.

I just finished the demo.... It's so good!!! Ugh, I want it to be out already. >.< Good work!!!

I hope you'll enjoy the updated demo just as much! 

When is the updated demo going to be out?

The updated demo will be available early-mid January. 

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i literally made an account just to comment on this game.

i love it, and I can't wait for more in the future!! also, minami is my favourite uwu

That's great to hear! I hope you'll enjoy the updated demo just as much when it is out! 

i know this isnt related to the game but its really a problem.My computer doesnt have anymore space,only a little.and everything that i have in my computer are files that i actually need.ok there might be some that i do not need.Im pretty upset because if i will not have space on my computer this means that i will not play the updated demo when its going to come out

Have you thought about maybe getting an external hard drive? Sorry to hear though! I hope you'll be able to play it in the future! 

Wait, will the protagonist be a seme or uke? 😯😯😯


Depends on the route!

I just finished the demo and I am so loving this game, it's such an interesting concept and you've brought it to life so perfectly. So far Rei and Minami are my favorite characters but I can't wait to explore all the routes to get the full story. I was just wondering, if I back you on kickcstarter would I be able to get the game through, I prefer to have all my games on the app because of I've lost games when my computer's broken in the past and I had no way of getting them back. If you could let me know, I'd be grateful thank you so much and looking forward to the full game, good luck!!


I'm glad you like it so far! Make sure to play the updated demo when it is out!

You can no longer back on Kickstarter since it finished last year. The game will be up on and on steam.

HNNFNNGNG. Updated Demo can't come fast enouuughhh~♪

Trust me, I'm waiting too even though I see what's going into it! 

Just finished the demo, and it's amazing so far! The story is intriguing and all the characters are unique and have great chemistry with each other already. I've been searching for a BL VN  with a crime/mystery theme and this is perfect! So far I really like Rei's snarky attitude and Aiden's personality the best, I'm super excited to play his route once the game comes out. I really adore the art, the CGs and backgrounds are stunning! Awesome work so far, I can't wait for the full release!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope you'll like the updated demo as well when it is released~

I have two question.sWhat it was your inspiration when creating every what inspiration was when you thought of Minamis design and his personality the same with the other characters(Also secondary characters too).And i know all the routes are not finished but what its the most interesting route or what route is going to be the most interesting from your own opinion.Also your opinion about each one of the characters?

1) Most of the characters I already had a general idea of how I wanted them to look. The original designs were a conglomeration of what a few of the original voice actors wanted since they started the production with me. However, over time and through the redesigns, I drew them how I think they would look best. For example, with Jun, I felt a lack of inspiration to draw any more outfits for him because I did not like the way I drew his body. Therefore, I redrew him to make him more proportionate and made him fit a kind of playboy persona. Personality wise, they were just created through writing. We started with a basic concept for each of their personalities, but writing has brought it out more than just planning and outlining.

2) In my opinion, I would say either the Twins' or Jun's route. In reality though, each of the routes have their own charm and will be interesting in their own way. Each of the characters are important to the story. 

3) I enjoy writing each one because they all have personalities that allow for me to feel like I can just pick up the phone and call one. The characters feel real to me since I'm obviously writing them, but I want them to have realistic qualities rather than just something flat and shallow. I probably relate to Rei the most out of all the characters--but it doesn't mean that I don't favor all of them.

btw i love the new designs of each character!

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