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I love this game so much!!! Does the full version have a release date yet, cuz I can't wait! :D

The full game should be released in the later half of 2019! We'll have a set release date early next year.

Holy cow, I just played the demo and I'm already hooked HHHHH. I love Leo lmao.  Can't wait for more, I eagerly await its full release! 

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Always nice to know Leo has a few fans~

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I can't wait for more omg I'm excited!

Super happy to hear!

This was really good!!made my heart giggle a lot too! i cant wait for more!

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Love this game can't wait for more <3

Happy to hear!

Please! Please! Please! I need more! This game is amazing so far I just ahhhhhhhh!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!! 

I love the game so much so far!! I would loove lots of gore and blood, that shit's 10/10 yknow? I'm not a big fan of the whole twin thing, being a twin myself, not so into that level of 'brotherly love'. But it's fine because Jun and Aiden are hot as fuck. The art is really good and the cgs make me nut in five different directions. 11/10 :)

Glad you like it!! Definitely a fan of Jun and Aiden myself! 

I love this game, and when I suddenly get an itch about a game, I get crazy all over it. AND THIS DEMO HAS GIVEN ME THAT ITCH. But I have a tiny question, what does it mean by '' Rei will eventually kill off at least 3 characters. ''? like kill like a love interest or..? 

Super happy you like it!

Yes, '3 characters' as in 'three of the four routes must die.'

How's the voice acting search going?

This is upsetting, because the demo is SOOOOOOOO good, but idk when the full game is coming out, i can't find any other games like this, it's really cute and unique. 


Glad you liked it! 

The full game is still in progress and should be released sometime in 2019.


2019? D: my heart just broke

I'm impressed really. Glad to find another game like this that doesn't have typos like some yaoi games do. Love this game. Cool background scenes, characters, story plots and really appreciate that voices are also being included even in the demo. Love this game. Really looking forward to play full release of this game.

We're happy to hear that you enjoyed it so much!!

O...M....G....this was amazing!the fact that had me shocked more was this is only a demo and such a good demo!im so excited for the full game.i have two questions if you dont mind,do you have a favorite character and why?also how  did you though about the design of the characters like how you came up with it?

Glad you enjoyed playing it!

For me, it's hard to choose between them since I have to love them all.  Aesthetically though, I like Aiden the best - solely on body type/looks/age. 

To design the characters, some of the voice actors (who are my friends and have been since the start of the project) came up with how they would want their character to look. So, I elaborated and created them. The original start-of-project cast VAs were for Rei (Minami at the time), Aiden, and Jun. Rei's voice actor was originally supposed to be Minami, so he's where Minami's concept came from (aka cute, pink, cinnamon roll). Otherwise, Rei, Leo/Griffith, and the side characters were my own concepts, with the input of the rest of the team.

This was such an amazing game, especially considering it being only a demo and all the potential it  may have. Very nice work and can't wait for the full release. Do you have a time range for the release date as far as years?

Glad you enjoyed it! 

At this point, it should take a year to a year and a half to finish, but may take longer if needed.

I'm really looking forward to the full game when it comes out! The demo has me hooked! I love the characters, and I'm always up for a murder-mystery.

Glad it could interest you and thank you for writing the review! 

I loved the demo.  Though when will the full release be uploaded? I honestly would love to play the whole game. thanks  ^~^

The full game is still in progress and does not currently have a set release date.

I absolutely cannot wait for this!! Murder mystery and Yaoi. My favorite ahah

Glad you're interested!!

holy heck this game was FUN probably the best vosual novel ive come across in a long time,  im super pumped for the full release, wheter it be on here or steam i would happily purchase the full game. i can say right of the gate that minami and jun are my two main boys. heres hoping for more!

Thank you so much! We're glad you enjoyed the game and we hope that you'll be just as much in love with it when the full game is released! 

Oh my god I love this so much even if it's just the demo, I'm so ready to buy it! 

Glad you enjoyed the demo!

excellent! loved the demo! can't wait to buy the full game ^^. i'm also one of those who'd like to have it on steam, but since you'll release it here first i won't be patient enough to not get it immediately after release XD - however with a steam key i could add it later.

besides it being BL (with possible 3some, the twins, if i got it right? yay), for which there are still so few titles - hence it's very appreciated - i like the fact that it's not a fluffy VN. this psycho streak of Rei is thrilling, and he's hot af, as are the twins. the other charas are all nicely balanced in their age/style. the main plot is very interesting too, Rei/us being a detective and a killer is a genial idea. beautiful graphics, sprites as backgrounds! and the few CG we got were awesome. hope you guys have everything on your side to finish this amazing game! ^^

Glad you enjoyed the demo!

Yes, the twins are a package deal!

We didn't want to make it fluffy, even though we know not everyone will be interested in such a niche type of BL game. We are happy that you enjoy it though and thank you for the compliments~

I honestly made an account JUST to comment on this project, this demo is the best freakin' thing ever and the major tease ending only piqued my interest more, I really look forward to seeing this game take the VN Yaoi Genre games by surprise!! Also, Jun is my favorite and i love his adorable personality! I love Aiden's mysterious vibe too I really look forward to this. Also, I know it contradicts the purpose of the murder mystery genre but is there a chance there's an ending where no one dies? They're all my precious husbands >.< I could go on forever about why this game is great but i feel sorry for the people who'll read this. but if you've made it this far.. i'll tell you the truth of the world.*mumbles while drooling* cat ears Aiden is best Aiden* .

Thank you for your comment!

We're happy to hear you enjoyed the demo and that the boys are getting the love they deserve~

The game is designed to be played in a way that forces the player to make difficult decisions, so unfortunately for some, the game will not have an ending where no character dies. However, we are doing our best to make sure the game has replay-ability so that the player may experience each of the different routes, particularly in the second half of the game. 

Thanks again! 

Oh.. That's a shame but i think that's appealing in its own little way too, thank you for replying. I have to ask, have you done any previous projects or is this your first? I'd love to check out your other work even if it's not Yaoi related.. though i sure hope it is.. I mean i usually go for yaoi games for the Ecchi stuff @w@ but when playing the demo i was actually enchanted by the story and was simply curious to know what was going to happen so if you have ANY other projects, please let me know thank you!

We wanted to make 1st Degree story-based rather than exclusively fan service, which is why the story may appeal to some but not to others. It may not be as player-personality manufactured as some games since our little psycho has a pretty strong personality compared to a lot of other protags, but we are hoping people will enjoy the role of Maestro of Rei's life. 

We are planning side stories/additional dates which will be more lighthearted for those who can't exactly handle the gore or just skip over it entirely. These will be released a little after the full game is complete.

This is our first project so we are learning as we go! Though we do post updates, our last devlog explained the reason for update delays, so please check it out if you're curious for the lack of activity!

We're glad the story interests you since it is such a niche genre, particularly with the inclusion of Yaoi! But don't worry, the game is r18+ after all, so there has to be some good to come from progressing through the gore and science~

The only thing i'm looking forward to in my whole life right now is sitting in a public setting with a scary-looking detective with bunny ears on. That being said, you've done a great job appealing the game for its story and what's really amazing is the fact that while the story is overperforming, the art and text are great as well It's really rare to see this kind of quality from a first project.  Regardless of how this project goes (Though it's almost certain to be a massive hit), please keep on making projects. I understand you're also a University student with a busy schedule but it's a shame to let the developing team's talents go to waste, i'll stop wasting your time with unnecessary comments like these but I'm so incredibly hyped up about this which rarely ever happens to me and so I'm overreacting. Thank you for keeping up with me and I'll be sure to read progress updates whenever they're available x)~ 

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I can't wait for the full version!!! <<33 Minami is so cuttttee!!!

Thank you! We're glad Minami is getting some love~

This is DEFINETLY a game I'm buying once it's released! I'm playing the demo and it's REALLY GOOD! Is there an estimated price of how much the game will cost?

We're glad you enjoyed it! 

We have stated in a previous post: 'The full game will be in the range of $10-$13 for 100k-150k+ words as well as additional stories. We aren't completely set on the price yet, but it won't be more than $15 at the max. '

Please let us know if you have any more questions!

the demo is already soooooo good,, I am super excited for the full game and I'll be saving up for the full game!! I'm already hella in love w Leo

Thank you for your support! We're glad it was able to interest you and we're also happy to see Leo getting some love!

Hello hello how is progress coming along

Progress is being made everyday! We will be posting progress updates in the following month; however, midterms are coming up, so a lot of the team (including myself) is currently in study mode! Our next update will feature character and background art. 

lol school or uni? And sweet will look out for the updates 

Uni! Most of the team studies something in science/technology.

lol i do history and anthropology and yet my side job is catering, go figure

After playing the demo, I have to say, I am sad to have missed the kickstarter.

 I did notice that one of the voices had `demo` listed. Does that mean that it wasn`t the final voice? 

This is definitely going on my `want to buy when it comes out` list. ^_^ 

Also yay twins as an option! 

Yes,  he was meant to be the voice actor for the demo; however, we have brought him on as the main voice actor for that character.

Thank you for your interest! We're glad you enjoyed playing the demo!

In censorship options the red box means that it's censored or does it mean it isn't?

We will actually be revamping the censorship option for the full release to be more of a 'yes/no' function instead. You do not really have to worry about it for the demo because there really isn't much to censor in it.

Does anyone know when the Full version of the Game is going to be Released ???

The full game will be released in late 2018 or early 2019 if more things are added to the game!

Wonderful,  im looking forward to it. And i was curious how much am i going to have to pay to buy fill version or is it free ???

The full game will be in the range of $10-$13 for 100k-150k+ words as well as additional stories. We aren't completely set on the price yet, but it won't be more than $15 at the max. 

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Awesome , Thanks for saying around what it will be. I Have Plenty of time to save the cash now.

It's no trouble at all! Please let us know if you have any more questions.

Can't wait for the full version, it was so fun to play! and i'm so highly interested in what happens next.

Glad you enjoyed playing it! 

That moment when you're not sure if Minami is as sane and cute as he looks, lol. Ironically the kid creeps me out for some reason (yanderealertmaybe?) Also, can't stop thinking if he's gonna be the seme with Rei or not xD
That would be a great twist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Well not everyone is what they appear to be, but that's something to explore in the full game!

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will there be updates to the demo? :) need.more.twinzies.giiiiive iiiit D: 


There will not be an updated demo, but we will be releasing a few CGs here and there as well as some random character art from time to time. :)

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Is there any possibility that you will release the game on Steam (once it is finished)? I would very much love it, and would buy it upon release -- without hesitation. 


We may do so in the future, but we are unsure if we would only release a clean version on it. We will discuss it more in the future, but for right now we are planning on just an release. However, it is definitely something we want to do, even if the only way to do so is to make it rated M rather than r18+ for Steam specifically. Itch will still have the full r18+ version option.

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I have seen different creators release a safe version of their game, but then have an R18+ patch to download on their home site for those who bought the game off Steam. If it is ever something for the future, that might be an option so those on Steam could get the other parts as well and not miss out! 

Looking forward to the release of the game!

literally me the second rei first appears on screen :

We're glad our little psycho can entice you! ;)

omg yes and the twinzies gaaah!!! :D

i will build a shrine and worship until the new update xD XD i have run out of games to play. i need entertainment

really interested in how this will play out, was a little disappointed in the voice actors though, image quality and expressions were great. 

Thank you for your critique! 

We know not everyone will enjoy the voice acting which is why players have the option to disable any voice that they dislike, or all voices if they do not want to listen to them! Please use the option if it will make your play-through experience better. 


I personally have to say the detective and Jun are my favorite. Also if Rei is not me XD

I'm Kai and I just wanted to say hai (totally not funny). I love this game, I did notice that the day never changes, but this was just the demo so I understand! Heh, and here I was trying to keep a eye on the date in the game lol. anyway good game! can't wait for the full version. And remember don't give up and don't let your dreams be memes. (god why am i like this). I hope your having a good day and if not WHO HURT YOU ILL KILL EM. and goodbye :D


Thank you for your feedback! The day change coding may have messed up when we changed some of the music files in the game, but we will make sure it is fixed for the full version.

We're glad to see Aiden and Jun getting some love! 

Super interesting concept! Looking forward to the whole game. Will the full version be free or commercial? 

Thank you for your feedback and interest! The full game will be commercially available through itch; however, we may release free/low-cost DLC in the future. 

When going back to play a second and third time to make new choices, I noticed that the "Skip" button doesn't work. I'm not sure if that's a coding error or if it was left like that intentionally, but I hope it's something that will be fixed once the full version is released. It would also be helpful to have the regular save option instead of just the quick one, and to allow us to save on choice screens. It's much easier for me going back when I can just click on the load screens with choices so I can pick new options right away instead of having to start over every time. And at least letting us skip to the choices would be better than going through the whole thing.

Also, the demo gave us a choice screen for all the love interests except for the twins. We didn't have any options with them, while we got two for interactions with Jun. It's not a big deal but I would have liked to have equal opportunities with everyone.

Overall I enjoyed the game though, and am looking forward to playing the full version.

Thank you for your feedback!

We are already aware of the skip function issue and it will be fixed for the full game as well as the save/load feature. 

Regarding the twin's scene, we felt that a decision was not necessarily needed for their particular conversation. There will of course be more options for each route in the full game. So, rest assured! Each route is getting the same amount of love.


Finally managed to find the time and play the demo. It was a very enjoyable and unique experience - I've never seen a game where you play as a character such as Rei. I especially enjoy the fact that while he's a cold blooded killer when trying to discover the Doctor's methods, in his everyday life he's such a grouch and can actually be pretty funny too. It's a nice contrast. I'm also pleasantly surprised by Minami - I don't usually like characters like him, but he really has a charm I didn't expect to see!

The demo was pretty short so I'm not able yet to make a really detailed review, though I must mention something that really bothered me. In the settings, you have the "Censorship" option - but I have no clue if a yes means "Yes, apply the censorship" or if it means "Yes, the gore/sex will appear", or if you'd rather have the opposite, then I don't know if a no means "No, don't apply censorship" or "No, don't show the gore/sex". It's really confusing as I don't know if I have to check or uncheck it to actually get to see the mature content, and even when I was trying both things during the slighly gorey CG, I didn't see any difference so I guess it wasn't hardcore enough to apply for this...

Thank you for your feedback!

We're glad you enjoyed the characters! 

Regarding the censoring option, we'll make it more obvious in the full game in order to avoid more confusion. The CGs receive different types of censoring depending on how graphic they are, so in this case, the demo CG did not need much censoring so the difference in negligible. 

Are you able to host the demo on itself or something? I tried to download from mega but it keeps freezing early on in the download - 27% and claims that it's downloading at a good speed but the completion rate doesn't move at all even after 2 hours. Initially I had problems trying to even get mega to start downloading so I don't feel too optimistic about being able to try the demo.

We have uploaded new files directly on our page, sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you're having any more troubles downloading the demo!

Sorry for my last response! I did manage to download it just fine this time, and I enjoyed the demo so I backed your KS. I look forward to the full game! :D

Glad to hear! Thank you for your support!

I keep trying to download the demo, but it's not working. :(

Have you disabled your pop-up blocker? Since the demo is contained in an external link, you will need to disable the blocker in order to get the link to be able to download it. You just have to click on the blocker which appears on the right side of the address bar when you click on the download demo button. Once you click it, you have the option to either click on the link directly or to disable the pop-up blocker for our page. 

Let us know if it works!


Of course. I feel silly, but I'm glad that was the problem. Thanks!

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